Merkel, Visegrad to Team Up in Morocco to Reduce Irregular Migration

Rabat – German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Visegrad Group have announced their intention to work together on a project in Morocco to ease tension and reduce irregular migration and poverty in North Africa.Merkel met with leaders of the Visegrad Group, including Slovakian Prime Minister Pellegrini, on Thursday.The group is a political coalition of four EU countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Merkel, who attended the UN summit on migration in Marrakech in December 2018, said that the adopted Global Compact for Migration is a “clear commitment to multilateralism.”Read Also: Why The World Needs the Global Compact for Orderly MigrationMore than 160 countries officially adopted the migration compact in Morocco.In a speech at the conference, Merkel said that the compact is “about the foundations of international cooperation, and this is why it is well worth our while to fight for the survival of this compact.”She also promised that the UN project would ensure better living conditions for migrants and refugees, saying, “We can render this planet a better one.”The UN migration pact sets global policy guidelines for better managing global migration. The document lays out 23 objectives to improve international migration policy.Prior to the intergovernmental UN summit, Morocco also hosted the 11th summit of the World Forum on Migration, co-chaired by Germany and Morocco.The event took place on December 5-7 and aimed to tackle questions related to migrants’ rights to decent working and living conditions in their host countries. read more