MR says projects suspended for political revenge

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse today accused the government of suspending several development projects in the country as part of political revenge being taken against him.Rajapakse said that all the projects initiated by his government had been beneficial to the country and the suspension would adversely affect the country’s economy and public. “My government built highways, airports, ports etc. most of which has now been suspended. I built all this for the sake of the public but the present government has stopped all this for political reasons,” Rajapakse said. “I even started the Colombo Port City project which the government has suspended saying that it was shrouded in corruption. But this very government a few weeks ago said that the Port City was free from corruption. This is nothing but political revenge,” he added. Several development projects including a 1.4 billion US dollar Port City project initiated by the former government were suspended by the new Government after it took office. (Colombo Gazette) read more