Notice on earnestly the Bureau of justice system chuangxianzhengyou activity summary work

Party organizations at all levels of judicial Juzhu: To summarize the work earnestly for Office Excel, in accordance with the municipal city chuangxianzhengyou leading group issued the "notice on a good city chuangxianzhengyou activity summary work" (Ning Gen [2012]7) spirit of the document, combined with our practice, we do a bureau system summary of activities and related matters are hereby notified as follows:
, a major task earnestly chuangxianzhengyou activity summary work, is an important measure to implement the central and provincial, municipal deployment requirements, to further stimulate the grass-roots party organizations and members based on job creation is advanced, good competition, to further promote a good long-term normalization, to further strengthen the advanced judicial administration department of the party and purity of the construction, is of great significance. 1, the central government in accordance with the "promoting scientific development and social harmony, the general requirements of the service of the people, strengthen grassroots organizations, to maintain the party’s advanced nature and purity, seriously control objectives and tasks in this sector of the unit, a comprehensive review of the rich practice chuangxianzhengyou activities, characteristics, summed up a system good practice, effectiveness, social evaluation and enlightenment. 2, chuangxianzhengyou further establish and improve long-term mechanism, focus on the construction of various departments leadership responsibility, grassroots party organizations and cadres units serve the masses, grass-roots party organizations and members of the public commitment, the building of grassroots organizations under the supervision of the masses, the grass-roots party organization evaluation classification and grading, aspects of the construction of grass-roots party organizations, grass-roots party funding twinning, organization of grass-roots party organizations to maintain social harmony and stability such as the formation of regulations, to ensure a good long-term normalization. 3, to further clarify the Department of justice, the Committee on the "grassroots organization building activities objectives and tasks, work ideas and measures, the full implementation of the" grassroots organizations "tasks, continuously improve the scientific level of grassroots party organization construction. two, the basic requirements of 1, widely launched. The Bureau agencies and Jushu City lawyers notary office, the grass-roots party branches are summed up, each party member should participate, take individual interviews, held seminars, questionnaires, network evaluation and so on, let the masses to participate in a wide range of work summary. 2, summarize and deepen. To sum up in the process of deepening the understanding, promote the work of law enforcement officers, while continuing to promote the core values of education practice, chuangxianzhengyou activities and grassroots organizations work, implement the outstanding problems of the masses of Party members, the rectification work, let people see the new changes brought by chuangxianzhengyou activity the Administration of justice, to win the trust of the actual results., three time Office Excel summary by the top-down way. The Bureau chuangxianzhengyou summary of the work will be carried out in August, summarizes the board units and Lvxie party organization work completed in mid September. Report of the board units and Lvxie please in mid September the PUC report chuangxianzhengyou activities leading group office. four, relevant requirements; read more