12 trickster teachers we wish we had in our school days

first_img Source: Imgur7. Or this master of physics questions8. These tutors who know how to mark a test Source: Imgur 9. Or one that’s vaguely threatening Source: Imgur Source: Imgur10. This guy, who’d let us nap in class11. This scholar, who’s about as arsed as us Source: Imgur12. Or we’d even take this genius, who found the perfect way to stop students stealing pens Source: Imgur8 teachers you definitely had in secondary school>Some of the best and worst teachers ever> DID YOU HAVE a stuffy teacher with no sense of humour. Did their jokes stretch to, “I don’t know, CAN you go to the toilet?”You missed out. Send us back with any of this lot.1. The guy who sips on this dewy elixir Source: Imgur Source: Imgur2. The educator who keeps this harrowing warning on their desk Source: Imgur3. This badass scientist Source: Imgur4. Draw us like your blackboard sketchescenter_img 5. Teach us your ways, master of geometry6. ANY of these maths teachers would dolast_img read more