Most Ridiculous KnockOff Costumes Trending on Twitter

first_img Elon Musk’s Cheeky ‘Nuke Mars!’ Post Is Taking Over TwitterA ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’-Themed Cookbook Is Coming This Fall Halloween is a good excuse to dress up in a memorable costume. Whether you prefer to be a creature, character, or inanimate object, there’s a knock-off uniform for that. Licensing rights can be expensive, so some companies are skirting around the rules with similar, yet clearly obvious names for popular costumes.Dana Schwartz, an Entertainment Weekly correspondent, recently shared a pop culture replica costume on Twitter. The costume, which was sold by Franco, was dubbed “Notionless,” and resembled the same outfit Alicia Silverstone wore as Cher in the hit ’90s flick Clueless.Show me your favorite knock-off Halloween costume. Right now, I’m team “Notionless” because the designer wanted to get to lunch and hit the thesaurus— No Dana, only Zuul Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) October 22, 2018AdChoices广告In response to Schwartz’s discovery, the Twitter community shared hilarious examples of knock-off costumes. Some names are so bad, that they actually kind of make the cut for their punny wording. From “Bossy Salem Sister” to “A-Lad-In A Costume,” these are the most ridiculous knock-off costumes we’ve seen yet. Stay on targetcenter_img ‘Bossy Salem Sister’Found this at Wal-Mart last week— Cait (@death_sprinkles) October 23, 2018Does the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus ring a bell? We think so.‘Cyber Man or Padre’This might be my all time favorite. The best part is the “or Padre” for just in case you decide you wanna change it up.— Haley (@haleysaurusrex) October 22, 2018The Matrix-meets-priest in one costume? Yes, please. You’ll have two character options for multiple festivities.‘Kansas Sweetie’ vs. ‘Kansas Beauty’The official uniform of Kansas— Courtney (@courtneytorg) October 22, 2018Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz said, “There’s no place like home.” Apparently, the “official uniform of Kansas,” has some tough competition. Just don’t forget the ruby slippers.‘Hungry Rebel Girl’Tfw you eat in the library— Spooky Lesbos (@TheMuseSappho) October 22, 2018Katniss Everdeen? Is that you? The Hunger Games clearly aren’t over yet.‘Creepy Husband’I didn’t think I needed to buy a costume for this…— Boo-ving Sober, Again. (@cubfansince76) October 22, 2018Gomez Addams is coming back to life at your local Halloween shop.‘Juice Demon’— Danny Goldberg (@dannygberg) October 22, 2018Beetlejuice in a box? We might have a winner.‘Where’s the Stripey Dude?’I mean the laziness…— Boo-ving Sober, Again. (@cubfansince76) October 22, 2018We have to give them props for adding “stripey dude” in there.‘A-Lad-In A Costume’This has to be skirting the edges…— Boo-ving Sober, Again. (@cubfansince76) October 22, 2018This one is borderline cutting it, but maybe a magic lamp would help.The latest in culture:5 Crazy Things to Buy if You Won Mega Millions JackpotPhotos: Eerie Ghost Towns to Visit (If You Dare)You Could Own Stephen Hawking’s Thesis, Wheelchairlast_img read more