Hack your rooted Android handset to enable Netflix streaming

Just recently, the Netflix app for Android finally arrived… sort of. Netflix wants to ensure the “best possible experience,” so it’s only approved for use on certain handsets at the moment. If you happen to own a device which isn’t among the chosen few right now, you’re out of luck. At least you were out of luck until one member of the Android community had a few extra minutes to do some hacking.It turns out all that’s required is a quick tweak to your Android’s build.prop file, which is located in /system/. Your device must be rooted in able to proceed, so assuming you’ve already accomplished that feat here’s what to do next:Using ES File Explorer (or your favorite root-friendly file manager), browse to /system/Copy build.prop and paste it to your SDcard or another safe location just in case something should go wrongOpen build.prop using a text editor (ESFE has one built in, and it works just fine)look for ro.product.model= and change the text after the = to HTC Visionlook for ro.product.manufacturer= and change the text after the = to HTCalternatively, you can substitute Nexus S and Samsung for the model and manufacturer, respectively.reboot your phoneinstall the Netflix appVarying degrees of success have been reported, and you may find that the Samsung edits work better than HTC on your device. But hey, half the fun of having a rooted phone is that you get to experiment with cool little hacks like this. Some work, some don’t, but the payoff is certainly worth it in this case if you’re jonesing for a Netflix fix on your unsupported Android device.Those who aren’t as keen to root or hack will have to be patient, though Netflix has promised to continue adding new models as they’re “certified.”More at Reddit read more