Matrox launches TripleHead2Go Digital SE for triplemonitor laptop output

first_imgBuy any laptop or Ultrabook today and it will have some form of video out, be it through VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort. But typically you are limited to just a single extra display and therefore a dual-screen setup. Matrox doesn’t think that’s good enough so it has released a new version of the TripleHead2Go adapter.The TripleHead2Go Digital SE promises to expand your laptop’s desktop to up to three additional screens. Using a DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, or Thunderbolt output, you can use three additional 1920 x 1080 monitors on a PC, or 1360 x 768 resolution displays with a Mac.A total of four displays may be overkill for most people working on a laptop, but for 2 or more extra displays it offers a simple solution and you can use multiple adapters to offer up even more display space. There’s nothing to stop you using this with a desktop PC too, with the bonus being you don’t need to install any new hardware inside your rig.The 5.25 x 2.5-inch adapter isn’t exactly huge so it’s going to appeal to anyone who needs this kind of display output on the go, and you can also hook it up to projectors. A higher spec laptop will be required if you want to use all three additional displays though, as it relies on your GPU to cope with the resolution.Matrox is also pushing the use of multi-monitor setups using the adapter for gaming. Alongside the TripleHead2Go the company offers Monitor Bezel Management, which adjusts the visuals to better fit across multiple displays.Here’s an example of TripleHead2Go being used to play Crysis across 3 displays:The TripleHead2Go Digital SE isn’t cheap at $279, but as a convenient way to hook up extra monitors it may be worth it. A lot of graphics cards already offer multi-monitor support, but if yours doesn’t or you are a laptop user primarily, it might be worth a look.More at Matroxlast_img read more