SkyDrive bug is making Opera hang

first_imgVisit the Microsoft SkyDrive website in your browser and you’ll see the login page above. It works just fine in nearly any semi-modern browser. After entering credentials and clicking the “sign in” button, however, Opera 12 users are receiving an unpleasant surprise. A quick check in task manager will reveal that CPU usage is spiking, and Opera quickly becomes unresponsive and needs to be killed.No big deal, right? There’s a lot going on inside today’s browsers, so the odd hang here and there is to be expected. What’s interesting about this particular glitch is that it’s not really Opera’s fault — it’s SkyDrive that’s misbehaving. For some reason, SkyDrive is apparently sending a whole lot of null characters inside the HTML code. How many is a lot? Around two million, Opera’s Hallvord Steen reckons.All web browsers handle the excess characters differently, so if you haven’t noticed any adverse reactions after surfing over to SkyDrive and logging in, it’s probably because your browser of choice is simply discarding the unexpected data. In its current form, Opera doesn’t quite know what to do with the influx of nulls. Interestingly, when I tried to access SkyDrive in Opera 11 I was able to log in just fine. Either something (perhaps even something as minor as a site-specific tweak) has changed from version to version, or what SkyDrive sends Opera 12 users is different than what it sends to other browsers.The latter doesn’t seem likely — Steen’s own investigation revealed that Firefox and Opera are receiving the same torrent of characters. At this point, two things will probably happen. One, Opera will issue a patch that allows its browser to deal with the unneeded characters more gracefully. Two, Microsoft’s web developers will probably take a peek at SkyDrive and see what’s causing all those extra characters. On a service as large as SkyDrive is, those two million characters per user will add up to an awful lot of wasted bandwidth over the course of a day, so I’d expect a fix from Microsoft pretty swiftly.More at Operalast_img read more