Twitter account shames people posting pictures of their credit cards

first_imgThe Internet is not a very safe place to be if you have no common sense and aren’t taking the appropriate precautions to protect yourself. There’s some simple rules to follow, such as always applying the latest updates to your operating system, always running the latest version of your web browser, installing a decent security suite, not clicking on suspicious links, and not posting images of your credit or debit card online.That last one should be read again, as it has come to my attention this is being done all the time.Twitter account @NeedADebitCard has been setup to shame the less intelligent among us who decide to not only take a photo of their card, but publicly post that image to their followers, or anyone who cares to check their image stream for that matter. And it’s not like this is a rare occurrence. @NeedADebitCard is posting examples on a daily basis of people doing this most stupid of acts. Sometimes it’s even multiple times a day:So what possible reason could someone have for sharing their credit card with the masses? As you’d expect, the reasons vary, but they are all as stupid as each other. One woman wanted to show the world her credit card company spelt her name wrong, another didn’t like the design on her card, and probably the most common I’ve seen is simply a tweet containing the words “My credit card:” followed by a link to the image of said card.I live in hope that the friends and followers of these people are taking appropriate action to educate them in the ways of online security and common sense. But I suspect @NeedADebitCard isn’t going to be short of image links to post any time soon.More at @NeedADebitCard, via Mashablelast_img read more