Research on tax aims to encourage greater giving

first_img Philanthropy Ireland and the Irish Charities Tax Reform Group have published research on tax and regulatory policy with the aim of encouraging greater charitable and philanthropic giving in Ireland.The research was carried out by Farrell Grant Sparks Consulting (FGS) and the key recommendations include:— Reducing the current threshold above which tax relief may be applied from €250 to a new rate of €175 Advertisement — That the tax relief applying to donations to charitable organisations should be decoupled from the provision in the Finance Act 2006 to limit the use of tax reliefs by higher earners (i.e. those with an adjusted income over €250,000) as the donor does not receive any benefit from the donation. In keeping with the recommendation of the Commission on Taxation they recommend that this relief be capped at an upper threshold of €500,000— Extending the provision of tax relief on donations of cash and securities to charity to include donations of property— The introduction of tax benefits in relation to the donation of property through the use of split/charitable remainder income trusts (i.e. where donors put property in trust for a charity with the rights to the capital and income elements being split between the donor and the recipient)— The introduction of a VAT subsidy for charities to compensate for VAT incurred on inputs, similar to the scheme that is currently operating in Denmark where the subsidy is based on the proportion of funds received by the charity from private donations— The removal of the two-year waiting period for charities to become eligible to claim tax relief on donations— A relaxation of the rule where an individual’s tax relief is restricted to 10% of their income tax where they have an association with the charityThe report will be used to try to influence government to achieve a taxation and regulatory environment that specifically encourages greater philanthropy in Ireland.The full report can be downloaded from Philanthropy Ireland’s Tagged with: Giving/Philanthropy Ireland Research / statistics Howard Lake | 10 November 2009 | News About Howard Lake Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of Researching massive growth in giving.center_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis  36 total views,  1 views today AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis Research on tax aims to encourage greater givinglast_img read more

Comcast provides generators for Irene recovery

first_imgComcast Cable,Comcast is lending a helping hand in support of its customers and employees in Vermont affected by the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene. Comcast delivered 100 generators, gasoline and bottled water valued at more than $100,000 to the local Red Cross in Clarendon, Vermont.Comcast is a national telecommunications firm and the largest cable television company serving Vermont.Pictured (l to r): Representative Patti Komline, Tuck Rainwater, Comcast Director of Government and Community Relations for Vermont, Senator Peg Flory and Senator Bill Carris.last_img read more

Alure Home Improvements Reveals The Secrets Of Repairing Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fans

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Sponsored Content Brought To You By Alure Home ImprovementsMost homeowners take their bathroom ceiling fan for granted, rarely looking up until something unsightly catches their eye and suddenly they feel they have to take immediate steps to mitigate the situation. Then the most common reaction might be: “Now what do I do?”Thanks to Doug Cornwell, chief operating officer of Alure Home Improvements, the solution is at hand.“Nobody can quite understand how to take the covers off because there are no visible screws,” he explains. And there’s a reason for that. The bath fan cover is held in place by two spring clips, lightweight metal contraptions that have a bit stronger resilience than a paper clip, considering they have to fight against gravity to keep the cover on the upside down fan flush with the ceiling.In this recent installment of Alure Home Improvements’ “60-Second Fix: How To Remove Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan In 60 Seconds,” Cornwell shows you how simple and easy it is to remove the fan cover and replace it once your task is completed.First, he advises that you slide your fingers under the edges of the cover. The two spring clips are located on opposite sides of the fan cover. Once you find the clips, you’re in business.“Don’t be afraid to pull it,” Cornwell says. “The cover will pop up.”Now you’ll be able to better see the two wire assemblies on either side of the cover—these are the spring clips, which are designed to spring apart in order to function.“Pinch them together,” he says. “They release that side from the slot where the clips were inserted. Then do the same on the other side so this clip pops out.“Now you can hold the cover,” Cornwell explains.Fancy bath fan covers may have a light in the assembly. Perhaps it burned out and that is why you want to go through this process. Or, more commonly, you’ve noticed that the fan cover’s openings are clogged with dust and grime, and you rightly believe it’s time for a good, thorough cleaning. Maybe you will also want to wipe the fan’s blades clean. If so, make sure you’ve taken precaution to turn the fan off first!“Do whatever you need to do with the cover,” Cornwell advises.Once you’re satisfied, you just reverse the process to put the fan cover back on.“Aim one spring clip above the slot and pinch the wires together,” he says. “It’s easier if you do one side first. Once you have the spring clip back in place, then you can insert the other spring clip.“Pinch the spring clip and put it into the slot! Back on it goes!” says Cornwell with a smile.Click here to learn more about Alure Home ImprovementsOf course, Cornwell makes it look easy—he is an experienced Alure Home Improvements professional, after all—but in this video he has a special advantage. He’s working standing up in the Alure Home Improvements warehouse. Bath fans are normally installed in the ceiling. So in the interest of getting the most out of this instructional video, you might want to stand on your head, or put the monitor upside down so you can prepare yourself for the real experience.But seriously, you don’t need to go that far. And you don’t have to be a magician or a skilled acrobat to undo the bath fan cover. You just need a chair or a stepladder that gets you comfortably within reach of the ceiling fan cover, and a preview of this video so you are familiar with the inner workings of the spring clip. Once you see how simple the spring clip functions—it just takes a pinch for the wires to release from the slot—you could almost do it with your eyes closed. That bath fan never need be dirty or dusty again.Of course, as Cornwell says, everybody appreciates what this modern appliance does.“Bath fans take the humidity out of the air when you’re taking a hot shower,” he says. And if the fans don’t do that, you might be in for “a bad hair day,” he jokes.And, remember, a clean bath fan is a hygienic benefit to everybody who uses that bathroom, including you.last_img read more

Guide to omnibus bill on job creation: 1,028 pages in 10 minutes

first_imgBusinesses, however, have welcomed the bill due to the focus on streamlining business licenses, making Indonesia more open to foreign investment and a more flexible labor market.The omnibus bill on job creation would amend 73 laws and consists of 15 chapters and 174 articles. The government and businesspeople consider Indonesia to be over-regulated with a total of 43,511 central government regulations as well as ministerial-, agency- and regional-level rules.The landmark bill will affect every single Indonesian as it covers a wide range of issues from business and education to halal certification and regional government powers. Below is The Jakarta Post’s guide to the 1,028-page omnibus bill on job creation. Further, revocation of local regulations – at the provincial, governor, regency or city administration level – that contradict prevailing and higher laws and regulations can be done through Perpres, based on the omnibus bill. Article 251 of the Regional Government Law, meanwhile, only allows for revocation of province- and governor-level regulations by the governor as representative of the central government.Punishment for violating the amended Article 251 will result in an administrative sanction and delay in evaluation of draft regional regulations. The sanction of stopping budget transfers will be imposed on regional governments that still impose regional taxes or levies, which have been revoked by the president, according to Article 252 of the omnibus bill.Read also: Omnibus bill allows President to scrap bylaws, weakens regional administrations However, according to the amended Article 7 of the law, the BPJPH broadens partnerships for halal certification to registered Muslim mass organizations (ormas), on top of potential partnerships with related ministries or agencies, halal product guarantors (LPH) and the MUI, as stipulated in the prevailing law.Sovereign wealth fundChapter 10 on central government investment and the ease of national strategic projects mandates the establishment of a “special authority” agency led by the finance minister, a vehicle that President Jokowi has described as a sovereign wealth fund.Read also: Things you need to know about government’s sovereign wealth fundThe finance minister through the agency, to be called the Investment Management Agency, can invest in financial instruments, manage assets for investment, partner with trust funds, determine investment partners, give and accept loans and manage all assets, according to Article 146 of the omnibus bill.The agency can partner with third party entities in managing assets, forming joint ventures or other partnership models, according to Article 150. The finance minister will lead the board of directors and the state-owned enterprises minister will act as a member of the board, Article 157 stipulates. The Investment Management Agency will also be led by five commissioners, three from a professional background, one from the Finance Ministry and another from SOE Ministry, according to Article 158.Weaker regional government roleRegional governments’ role in business licensing will be weakened, if not scrapped completely for several types of licenses, according to amendments and new stipulations in the omnibus bill.Article 350 (4) of Law 23/2014 on regional government has been amended to require regional governments’ business licensing services to use electronic licensing systems that will be managed by and streamlined to the central government. There is no such rigid requirement in the existing law. Punishment for failure to streamline regional business licensing with the central government would result in the central government taking over regional governments’ business licensing functions.Read also: Omnibus bill to centralize permit processing, offer incentives for miners Relaxation of environment standardsThe omnibus bill on job creation significantly relaxes environmental standards for business activities that require an environmental impact analysis (Amdal). The bill amends Article 23 in Law 32/2009 on environmental protection and management that lays out the criteria that businesses must follow to request an Amdal prior to operation.The criteria includes changes in the natural landscape, resource exploitation, pollution, socio-cultural impact, conservation and cultural heritage, security risks, plants and animals, among others.The omnibus bill stipulates that only businesses that “have important effects on the environment, social, economic and culture” will require an Amdal. Details on this stipulation will be regulated in a Government Regulation (PP).Read also: Liberalization at what cost? Observers raise concerns over sustainability of investmentsFurthermore, the people who live in surrounding areas of business activities that require an Amdal would no longer be able to appeal the document, according to amendments to Article 26 of Law 32/2009. Environmental experts will also no longer be involved in environmental impact analysis, the omnibus bill reveals.The Amdal assessment committees, which comprise the environment agency, related technical institutions, environment and technical experts, environmental organizations and public representatives, are revoked in the draft bill.Revocation of building permitsA number of requirements and licenses required to build buildings are slated to be scrapped in the omnibus bill. The draft bill revokes around 26 articles, or almost half, of Law 28/2002 on buildings.Administrative requirements such as building permits (IMB), building ownership status and licenses for land rights, to licenses for architecture and purpose of buildings, among many others, stipulated in Law 28/22 are set to be cut in the omnibus bill.Read also: Omnibus law to scrap permit requirements for ‘simple’ buildings: Minister Last week the government submitted the controversial omnibus bill on job creation to the House of Representatives, aiming for a conclusion in deliberation within 100 days.President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo initiated the omnibus bill to improve the ease of doing business in Indonesia and attract investment, thereby boosting job opportunities and economic growth in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Annual economic growth slumped to a three-year low of 4.97 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019 as investment and exports cooled.However, labor groups are protesting the bill over potential reductions in their rights, remuneration and job security. Observers have criticized the stronger role of central government, which could potentially pose risks to the checks and balances mechanism of Indonesia’s democracy. Environmentalists have warned that less stringent Environment Impact Analysis and building permit requirements would result in unsustainable growth. Licenses for safety, structural requirements, protection against fire and lightning strikes, as well as requirements for health, air, lighting, sanitation, building materials, building comfort, evacuation access and accessibility for disabled visitors are also set to be revoked.New business license regimePresident Jokowi has strengthened the role of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) to streamline the issuing of all business licenses. The responsibility for issuing business licenses is currently spread across many government institutions and regional governments.Read also: Indonesia to get new business license regime with omnibus billThe omnibus bill on job creation strengthens existing regulations by simplifying the business license procedure across almost all business sectors, including maritime and fisheries, agriculture, forestry, energy and mineral resources, electricity and industry. Further, trade, standardization including halal certification, infrastructure and public housing, transportation, health, drugs and food, education and culture, tourism, posts, telecommunications and broadcasting, security and defense are also covered.The bill amends prevailing laws related to the aforementioned business sectors, aimed at easing the licensing process and doing business in the country. These new arrangements take up most of the proposed omnibus bill.Investment relaxationThe omnibus bill introduces a new list of sectors in which investment is prohibited, while others will be opened and regulated in a separate Presidential Regulation (Perpres). The Perpres will replace the notorious negative investment list (DNI) with a new investment list for priority sectors, government officials have said.Read also: There’s no way to boost exports: Jokowi says investment key to push economic growthArticle 12 of Law No. 25/2007 will be amended to no longer include a stipulation banning foreign investment in the negative investment list. Instead, business sectors closed for investment, both domestic and foreign, are listed as follows: narcotics, gambling, endangered flora and fauna, coral reefs, chemical weaponry, industrial chemical and ozone-endangering chemical materials.Looking at the media sector, for instance, a stipulation that foreign investors can only own media companies through a stock market mechanism – such as buying news organizations’ shares in an initial public offering – has been amended.Article 11 in Law No. 40/1999 on the press now loosely states that the “central government will develop the press through investment according to investment laws and regulations”.Labor reformOverall rights for severance payments, beyond basic allowances, are either set to be reduced or scrapped completely, even though the calculation for basic severance pay remains unchanged.Read also: Key points of labor reform in omnibus bill on job creation: What we know so farRigid calculations on rights for severance payments, payments for recognition of length of service (UPMK) and compensation for rights (UPH) that are differentiated based on reasons for the lay-off, as stipulated in articles 161 to 172 in the prevailing Law No. 13/2003 on manpower, are all going to be scrapped. Instead, the omnibus bill on job creation only requires employers to make severance payments and the UPMK according to the employees’ length of service.Expatriates will be allowed to work in more functions than only diplomatic affairs, as stipulated in Article 42 of the Manpower Law. In the omnibus bill, foreign workers will be allowed to work in Indonesia without a permit in positions that range from members of boards of directors and commissioners, and diplomatic or consular staff, to researchers and emergency engineers. Foreign workers in start-ups will also be exempted from work-permit requirements.Outsourcing requirements are to be significantly relaxed under the omnibus bill, as Article 66 of the Manpower Law that prohibits outsourced employees from undertaking more than a core task in a company is to be revised. The omnibus bill will open the possibility for outsourcing institutions to hire workers for various tasks, including freelance and full-time workers.Further, labor-intensive industries will not have to adhere to regional minimum wages and the governors of respective provinces may use different formulas in their calculations. More details will be covered in a separate PP, according to the draft bill. Micro and small businesses are exempted from minimum-wage stipulations but must pay their workers above the poverty line rate.The prevailing Article 93 that stipulates workers’ rights for paid leave under certain circumstances has been deleted from the omnibus bill. The circumstances currently covered include paid leave of three days when workers get married, two days when their children are circumcised or baptized or get married, or when their wives are in labor or undergoing an abortion. Workers whose family members pass away get one to two days’ unpaid leave in the current regulation.Workers who are members of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) held an action to reject the Omnibus Law Cipta Karya in front of the Parliament Building, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (02/12/2020). (JP/Dhoni Setiawan)The omnibus bill revokes Article 159 that allows workers to file a lawsuit in an industrial relations court or agency if they want to challenge the reasoning behind the decision to lay them off.A new social safety net mechanism has been added to the omnibus bill, called the social security program for laid-off workers and managed by the BPJS, so long as workers or their employers pay the premiums. This will be on top of existing programs that cover health, work-related accidents, pensions, old age and life insurance.The government is also set to introduce a new one-off bonus mechanism in the omnibus bill, requiring medium and large companies to pay an immediate salary bonus depending on the workers’ length of service in their companies. Termed a “sweetener”, the bonus is a one-off payment within one year after the omnibus law becomes effective.Stronger central governmentThe central government can change prevailing laws for the sake of acceleration of job creation through a PP and may consult with the House of Representatives in doing so, according to Article 170 of the omnibus bill.New stipulations in the omnibus bill may also empower the Halal Certification Agency (BPJPH) that operates under the Religious Ministry, to issue halal certificates for consumer products. Article 1 of Law 33/2014 on halal products guarantees currently stipulates that halal certification be based on guidance from the Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI). Other amendments that would weaken the Regional Government Law include revisions to Law 32/2009 on environmental protection and management, which will allow the central government to take over environment-related licenses from regional governments, including Amdals.Topics :last_img read more

Ex-AFL player’s inner-city house set for auction pre-Christmas

first_img Cooper, Dundovic love nest listed Bright and airy in the kitchen.“We decided halfway through that we were going to put it on the market because we really liked where we are now.”That still saw the property end up with an impressive array of features including a large outdoor entertaining area with Travertine tiles, a pool, professionally landscaped gardens, a built in barbecue, two separate large living spaces, American Oak flooring, a gourmet kitchen with Miele appliances and a butler’s pantry, and a 200-bottle wine cellar. The large master bedroom with walk-in robe and ensuite. Husband and wife team Jamie and Nicky Charman — seen here in their Teneriffe home — are both passionate about renovating. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian The couple love to have friends and family over so good entertainment space was essential. The Brisbane Lions on the 10th anniversary of their three back-to-back premierships (from left) Jonathan Brown, Michael Voss, Ash McGrath, Simon Black, Leigh Matthews and Jamie Charman. Picture: Peter Wallis.“We love entertaining, we love having people around, so we wanted to make sure that it worked for the family but also for entertaining. The key thing was having all that living on lower level through to the pool.”The former Nudgee College student, now a sales executive with Ray White Albion, said they were halfway through the renovation process when they changed their minds about leaving their current home. The house has a 200-bottle double-glazed wine cellar. The pair initially bought the property for their own forever home, he told The Courier-Mail. After retiring from the AFL, Charman had a stint as a kicking coach with the North Queensland Cowboys — seen here with legend Johnathan Thurston during a drill.“Certainly someone’s going to enjoy this,” Charman said of the stunning home — the seventh such project he’s undertaken.“We’ve got a real passion for renovating. We love it. We love doing up old houses. Most of our projects involve doing up old Queenslanders. It’s just a passion of ours.”Ray White Albion principal Dave Treloar has jointly listed the property with Ray White Ascot principal Dwight Ferguson. FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK “We both were involved, we bought it to move into and it was going to be a project,” he said.“We pretty much did everything on the house that we were wanted for our own home.”All the living zones were put on the ground floor, so there would be flow through to the outdoors and the pool — one of the best things they like about the property.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus15 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market15 hours ago 21 Hawthorne Street, New Farm, goes to auction on Thursday December 6 at 6pm.Former AFL player Jamie Charman may have the perfect Christmas gift — his fully renovated inner-city house that’s just hit the market.He and wife Nicky — who owns designer fashion boutiques Calexico and Calexico Man — have put a fully renovated inner city house up for auction just under three weeks from Christmas. The home at 21 Hawthorne Street is in one of the city’s hottest inner-city suburbs, New Farm — with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double-car garage on a 405 sqm block. It goes to auction on Thursday December 6 at 6pm — which could see a new owner in by Christmas. “They may make it,” Charman said. “It suits someone who’s looking to move in before Christmas.” Whitsundays back on the rise New title win for ‘The Hornet’ Everything was chosen as if the house was going to be their forever home — because it was. 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Giroud earns Arsenal madcap opening win

first_imgLondon, United Kingdom | AFP | Substitutes Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud scored as Arsenal twice came from behind to beat Leicester City 4-3 on Friday in a dizzily entertaining opening Premier League game.Record signing Alexandre Lacazette put Arsenal ahead after only 85 seconds at the Emirates Stadium, before a Shinji Okazaki header and a Jamie Vardy brace saw 2016 champions Leicester go 2-1 and then 3-2 up.But Arsene Wenger’s double change turned the game, FA Cup final hero Ramsey drilling in an 83rd-minute equaliser and Giroud notching the winner two minutes later with a header that hit the bar and bounced over the line.“We kept going and the spirit of the team was absolutely outstanding,” said Wenger.“Overall we could say we were punished on every single mistake by a Leicester team who were very efficient going forward.“We conceded three goals, yes, but we scored four goals as well and the game was of quality.”The Ramsey-Giroud rescue act spared Arsenal from a fourth season-opening defeat in five campaigns and enabled Wenger to start the season with victory for only the second time in eight years.The Arsenal manager faced open dissent from fans last season as his side missed out on a place in the Champions League for the first time in 20 years.But after winning a record seventh FA Cup with victory over Chelsea, he penned a new two-year contract and his side’s Houdini act against Leicester means that late-season momentum remains intact, albeit only just.The fans at the Emirates were getting their first glimpse of Lacazette in a competitive game and the £46.5 million ($60.3 million, 51.1 million euros) man needed less than two minutes to find the net.From Hector Bellerin’s lay-off, Mohamed Elneny swept a first-time cross into the box and Lacazette deftly glanced a header past Kasper Schmeichel before spreading his arms to take the acclaim of the crowd.Within three minutes Leicester were level. Following a short corner on the left, Marc Albrighton’s deep cross was headed back across goal by Harry Maguire and Okazaki leapt to nod a header past Petr Cech.– Arsenal reshuffle –Arsenal stepped things up, Schmeichel saving from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and home debutant Sead Kolasinac, but they were careless in possession and shortly before the half-hour, Leicester went in front for the first time. Share on: WhatsApp Granit Xhaka’s sloppy pass was picked up by Albrighton and he forged down the left flank before bending a sublime cross into the danger area that Vardy converted.“We’re gonna win the league!” sang the Leicester fans and they almost had a third goal to cheer when Okazaki’s header from Christian Fuchs’s cross bounced just wide of Cech’s left-hand post.After Wilfred Ndidi had survived a penalty shout for handball, Arsenal levelled in first-half stoppage time, Danny Welbeck tapping in from Kolasinac’s square pass after Lacazette’s shot was blocked.Though Arsenal began the second half on the front foot, Leicester created the cleaner chances, Cech rushing out of his box to tackle Vardy and then tipping over a shot by Riyad Mahrez, and after 11 minutes they went in front again.Again a set-piece proved Arsenal’s undoing as Mahrez’s in-swinging corner from the right was nodded in by Vardy.Schmeichel thwarted Oxlade-Chamberlain and Bellerin before Wenger turned to his bench in the 67th minute, pitching Ramsey and Giroud into the fray in place of Elneny and Rob Holding.The ensuing reshuffle left Arsenal with a winger — Oxlade-Chamberlain — at right-back, a right-back — Bellerin — at left-back and two left-backs — Kolasinac and Nacho Monreal — in central defence.It seemed an unlikely platform for victory, but Ramsey neatly controlled Xhaka’s dinked pass to drill in an equaliser and moments later Giroud’s header from Xhaka’s corner completed a remarkable turnaround.“We’re disappointed to score three and come away with a defeat,” said Leicester manager Craig Shakespeare.“But we’re not going to be too downhearted.”last_img read more