Targeted ICE office shootings in Texas blamed on ‘political rhetoric’

first_imgOfficials are blaming “political rhetoric and misinformation” after shots were fired at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in San Antonio, Texas, early Tuesday morning.Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, unidentified suspects fired shots at a San Antonio building which includes the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) field office and Jefferson Bank offices.The FBI confirmed in a press conference later Tuesday that it was targeted attack.“All of the shots that we have found were on the floors where ICE has offices, so there is no question it is a very targeted attack, said Head of San Antonio FBI Christopher Combs.No injuries were reported, but ICE agents and other faculty were inside the building at the time of the shooting, the FBI said.Federal investigators from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are currently investigating the “targeted attack.”As of Wednesday, the FBI has not identified a suspect, but reportedly plan to charge the person or persons with assault on a federal official.One person was arrested at the scene but later released.This story is developing.last_img read more

Kootenay Lake Fishing Report

first_img And lastly, the good old flasher/hoochie combo has been catching mostly Bull Trout, but still manage a few Rainbows on these also.  Favorite depths have been 75 feet, 100 feet, and 120 feet. We did have some great days with over 10 fish to the boat.  It just seems like the fish put on their ‘feed bags’ every once in a while.  So, you just have to be out there. December saw similar fishing to the previous months.  However, the last couple weeks have produced some big fish for us.  So, hopefully the winter feeding will continue. Rainbows up to 17 Lbs and Bull Trout up to 12 Lbs have been caught lately.  Even a few bigger fish have been hooked, but seem to break the line or spit the hook. We’re also preparing for the Family Day weekend fishing derby coming up in February.  Lots of great prizes this year. ($30,000 worth)  Should be a fun weekend — Feb. 8-10  at www.ctrcanadaderby.comNote:  Reel Adventures Charters do have boats available for this derby still, as well as tickets for the derby if anyone is interested.  What are they biting on?? Looking forward to January’s fishing, as this is usually the month of our biggest fish of the year. We had some slower days with only a couple fish coming to the boat, however on a few of those slow days the couple fish we caught just happened to be the biggest fish of the week.  So, we were rewarded for our patience. Tight lines…………………………  Kerry Reed Reel Adventures Charters Nelson B.C 250-505-4963 The bite has been inconsistent, so we have been going through the tackle box each day. Just have to put your time in. But, when the bite has been on, we have been catching on:  bucktail flies favorite colors are lucky numbers 201, 210, 214, 215, and 228.  Also, Lyman plugs have been working both on the surface and on the downriggers.  Lucky Lymans have been #10, 16, 55, 69, and 100. By Kerry Reed, Reel Adventures ChartersHe’s back . . . and ready to ring in the New Year with some “take it to the bank” tips on fishing on Kootenay Lake. That’s Kerry Reed of Reel Adventures Charters with all the information to land the big one.Kootenay Lake: That pretty much covers the tackle box. Bill Norman lures have also been dragged lately.  Time to slow down your presentation with these lures, but sometimes that’s what the fish want.  This is important as the water temperature gets colder.last_img read more

4 Keys To Success For RIM’s BlackBerry 10

first_imgIf Research In Motion is going to set the world on fire, the match needs to be lit on Wednesday. BlackBerry 10, RIM’s much-anticipated next-generation mobile operating system, is set to be unveiled at several launch events around the world on January 30, 2013, including the featured keynote at Pier 36 in New York City. The big question, not likely to be answered at the launch event, unfortunately, is whether or not BlackBerry 10 will be RIM’s saving grace.Yes, we will finally see the full features of BlackBerry 10. We (the assembled Technorati) will give our immediate reactions and decide whether or not either of the two new devices presented is worth your hard earned money and attention. These opinions will go a long way in creating the short-term consumer and business opinion of the viability of BlackBerry 10.But RIM’s ultimate success (or lack thereof) with BlackBerry 10 rests not on the initial opinions of overwrought tech journalist. There are four key factors that will determine whether RIM has a chance to rebuild its company and market share:1. Reacquiring The Enterprise BaseRIM made its money off the enterprise, starting in the C-suite and working its way to regular employees. Only later did it it fully address the consumer market. Every foundation needs have a bedrock to build upon and for RIM, that still has to be the enterprise and government. As such, RIM has seeded BlackBerry 10 to 120 select enterprise and government customers – including 64 of the Fortune 500 companies – with its Technical Preview Program for Enterprise. RIM also refreshed the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and has “Workplace Apps” ready for BB 10. Its BlackBerry Balance feature will be able to cordon off personal data and workplace data from each other on the device. BlackBerry 10 (and BES 10) also have received FIPS 140-2 security certification ahead of launch.2. Robust App EcosystemLike it or not, apps sell smartphones. RIM has been working very hard through the last year to create a dynamic app ecosystem. It had a BlackBerry Jam World Tour designed to drum up developer interest and has incentivized developers by offering $10,000 in guaranteed revenue if an app can make at least $1,000. “One key driver for this is the ability to build up an ecosystem of compelling applications available for download (something they were not able to do with the Playbook launch),” said Scott Snyder, president and co-founder of app-maker Mobiquity. “Because RIM architected the BB 10 operating system to be open, there are APIs and Java-based toolsets that will make porting Android apps to BB 10 fairly easy, which could be a major help given they are unlikely to ever match the 500,000+ apps in Google Play.”On Monday, RIM announced that its app store, BlackBerry World, will have an “extensive catalogue of songs, latest movies and TV shows” upon launch of BlackBerry 10. RIM has said that 70,000 apps will be available to BB 10 when it is released. The key here is not app quantity, though, it’s app quality. When people buy new smartphones, they download their go-to apps for music, video, social networking, productivity, etc. RIM needs to make sure that popular, highly desired apps like Spotify, a good Facebook app (preferably built by Facebook, not RIM), Twitter, Netflix, Hulu Plus and the like are readily available at launch. Otherwise, users may find the BlackBerry 10 experience lacking no matter how good the operating system itself may be. Companies like ooVoo and BitTorrent have announced apps that will be available for BlackBerry 10. That is a good start, but RIM needs to make sure that most of the heavy hitters get involved. 3. Effective DistributionA litany of quality smartphones have died on the market because they were exclusively available via one carrier or another. The HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900/920 are the poster children of the dangers of limited distribution. RIM needs to take a page out of the Samsung playbook and make BlackBerry 10 devices on every carrier it possibly can. So far the company has shown every indication that it will do just that. RIM has been testing BB 10 with hundreds of worldwide carriers since the fall of 2012 and does not have exclusivity agreements with any of them. The ability for RIM to have multiple smartphones on multiple carriers at multiple price points is key to creating product momentum in both the United States and globally. 4. Quality Experience, Hardware, Industrial DesignThe BlackBerry 10 devices cannot look and feel like bricks, the way the Nokia Lumia 920 does. Nor can they be hard to use or have software lags. They need to feel good in your hand (the way a One X or iPhone 5 do). This is Smartphone Manufacturing 101 and RIM cannot afford to fail the course.  Can Research In Motion pull it all off? RIM is still theoretically run by smart people, and so far indications are that it just might be able to make everything work.  Does that mean BlackBerry 10 will ultimately succeed? There are no guarantees even if RIM reaches all the milestones on this roadmap. As Nokia, Motorola, HTC and other manufacturers have already learned, the smartphone market is a hard industry in which to succeed. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology dan rowinski Related Posts center_img Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#BlackBerry#Research In Motion last_img read more

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on a Script

first_imgHave you written or received a script for your next project? Here are eight questions to ask before moving into production.There are a tremendous amount of scripts written every year. Conservative estimates began at 30,000-50,000 scripts, and that’s only including those filed with the Writers Guild of America (WGAe & WGAw). If scripts filed for copyright are included, the number can easily go up to 100,000.With all those scripts floating around, it must be easy to find your next project — right? Wrong. According to the latest Scoggins Report, only 90 specs were sold in 2014. Up until March 2015, only 26 specs have been sold.So what does all this mean to you as a filmmaker? If you find a script that you can get behind 100%, then you have found a very rare story. Here are some questions to ask before you get your film moving.1. Why Do I Want to Tell This Story?It seems like an easy question, but it really isn’t. When it comes to deciding on a project, you must be willing to give your whole life to seeing it through. That means you need to be emotionally involved with every character. You need to know every little detail in order to make this project a reality.If you don’ think you need to know every character, just look at D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, the showrunners of Game of Thrones. The duo actually got the green-light for the show when an HBO executive saw Benioff working out in the gym while reading his annotated copy of his Game of Thrones book. That’s the type of dedication a project requires.2. Why Am I the Best Person to Tell This Story?You cannot only dedicate yourself to a script, but you also have to believe in yourself. If you don’t feel like you have the ability to see a project through to its completion the way it should be done, then you’ll begin to question your own abilities. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a project if you don’t believe in yourself. A bad film can destroy your mentality.If you do believe in yourself, don’t just rely on your skill. Really push yourself to do something you’ve never done before. This is a chance to not only hone your skills, but to create a project that you can cherish forever. You need to believe that you are the perfect person for this job, and that no one could ever do it better.3. What Is My Emotional Connection to This Script?Image: Inside Out via Slash FilmAs mentioned in the first question, you need to become emotionally involved with every character. You also need to become emotionally attached to the story itself. What is the true meaning of the film? What do you want your audience to take away after the credits start rolling?This was something incredibly challenging for director Pete Docter as he was re-working his film about emotions, Inside Out.I’ll tell you a story: there was a dark point about three years into the making of the film. The pressure was mounting. We were approaching a screening and I went for a walk the weekend before, going, “Shoot, it’s just not working. What if I just quit and move to Mexico — what would I miss the most?” And I thought, well, my friends. But then I thought, the people I really feel close to are the people that, yeah, I’ve felt happiness with, but also they are people that I’ve been pissed off at, and scared for. The subject matter I’m dealing with in this movie is the key to relationships. So I got electrified, went back, talked to the guys, we rewrote the script, and that was a major turning point in the film. [Wired]4. Am I Willing to Dedicate Months or Years to This Project?Image: Mad Max: Fury Road 1999 storyboard via The NerdistIs the story so great that you are willing to dedicate yourself to the project for years? You don’t know what obstacles await, and your production could be halted. Are you willing to wait to make this film?For a great recent example, let’s look at director George Miller. His 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road received rave reviews, and the film was heralded as an all-around spectacular action film. You may not know that the film was stuck in “development hell” for 20 years. Miller reacquired the rights to Mad Max in 1995. It took three more years until he had his story in place.He was set to start filming in 2001, and then the events of September 11th postponed the project. Then turmoil in Namibia, the location of the shoot, postponed the project further. Principal photography didn’t begin until July 2012.5. How Long Is the Final Product?Image: Whiplash (Short) via The IndependentIs this a full length feature or a short film? That is one of the first things you need to decided. If it’s still very early in your career, making any film over 30 minutes in length can be an incredibly daunting task. The length of the film will also help determine the length of production. You have to take into account the budget and time you have to make this project. From there you can decide the length you want to aim for.If you can’t afford the project, can you make another version? If you are unable to make the full length feature, try making it a short film first. Short films have successfully turned into features. Look at Bottle Rocket, or last year’s Best Motion Picture Oscar Nominee, Whiplash.Director/Writer Damien Chazelle was unable to secure funding for his film Whiplash. He pulled one of the most prominent scenes from the film and turned it into a short. His goal was to submit the short film to film festivals in hopes of securing the funding for the feature. The short film was so powerful and well done, he not only secured funding, the short won Best Short Film at Sundance.  The next year, the feature was nominated for five Oscars, winning three of them.6. When and Where Is the Film Set?Image: Primer storage facility via The Primer UniverseThe setting of your film is a huge factor. Do you have the budget to shoot an epic in the desert? Is the film a period piece? If so, go ahead and hand over your budget to costumes. Are you able to turn this script into a film you can actually shoot now? The best thing you can do as a filmmaker is embrace your limits.The 2004 film Primer is a perfect example. Not only did the film have a limited budget (approximately $7000), the script called for time travel.  The story and science behind it was so sound, the story actually carried the film. With some creative thinking, nearly the entire film was shot in a storage unit. A perfect example of embracing you limits and working with your budget.7. How Many Actors and Crew Members Will the Project Need?Now that you have looked at the story itself, what about the practical necessities for bringing the story to life? How many characters do you need to cast? How big of a crew do you need? These are major factors. Not only do you need to know how many people you need, you need to know how much each of them will get paid.Will you be able to afford costumes, or even food for the set? Are you still going to have enough left over for your camera, lights, and gear? This leads us to our next point.8. Can You Afford to Make This Film?As any filmmaker can tell you, making a film is incredibly expensive. Every project presents even more expenses you never accounted for. This is why many projects require multiple studios collaborating to make a film. Trying to take on a whole project alone is nearly impossible.Even if you can’t afford it now, you may be able to afford it later. We’ve presented many examples already with making short films first, or even waiting for years.After all of this, you still face your decision to move forward with this project or not. If you have not been swayed at all, and you mind is still set on a project, get to it. Start making the film. Just know challenges will arise, but handling problems is the greatest skill a director can have.Are you ready to turn your script into a feature? Be sure to take advantage of all our post from pre-production to post-production.last_img read more

Guptill got to know how Dhoni felt: Fans react to New Zealand’s Super Over heartbreak in World Cup final

first_imgNew Zealand’s openers Martin Guptill has had a torrid World Cup 2019 with the bat but will always be remembered for the two run-outs he was involved in.On July 11, New Zealand had defeated India to qualify in their second successive final of World Cup. Credit for that would partly go to Martin Guptill for that memorable run out of MS Dhoni in the semi-final. Dhoni’s wicket was the final nail in the coffin for India in their 240-run chase. Indian Cricket Team and the fans were left heartbroken after getting knocked out.Come July 14, Martin Guptill’s run-out in the super over restricted New Zealand to 15, thus helping England to win their maiden World Cup title on the basis of more boundaries in the final.New Zealand needed 2 runs to win the World Cup final and Guptill got run-out in his attempt of running back for the second run.This match will certainly go down as one of the best finals in the history of Cricket World Cups. Both teams played high attrition cricket on a pitch where run-making was not always easy.England’s pacers Chris Woakes, Jofra Archer, Mark Wood and Liam Plunkett were brilliant upfront before Lockie Ferguson bowled a sensational final spell to produce some thrilling moments in the World Cup finale.Guptill’s dismissal in the final prompted scores of memes and attacks on social media, with MS Dhoni fans pointing out Karma’ as the main reason behind Kiwi openers run-out in the super over.advertisementButler in an interview said he is a Dhoni fan, Never thought he is this much loyal #MSDhoni #butler #Guptill Veri (@VickyVjAddict) July 14, 2019Guptill must be feeling how Indians felt when Dhoni got run-out…[email protected] #CWC19Final #Guptill Chaturvedi (@nihalpandit_) July 14, 2019New Zealand WC tour in Four pics #Stokes #Guptill #cwc19 #CWC19Final #CWC2019 Right (@ms_its_me) July 14, 2019Too much beauty in this picture that’s sportsmanship. Congrats England Love Newzealand, our hearts broke for you .This wasn’t win and loose match it was win and win.#CWC19Final #NZvENG #CWC19 #Guptill Adnan Seddiqi (@Dr_Shelby_) July 14, 2019Retweet this if you are feeling happy after watching this #Guptill #CWC19 Routray (@buntyspeaks18) July 14, 2019Karma is real#Guptill Bharti (@ANKITBh94446072) July 14, 2019Also Read | India lost the least matches but England won the World CupAlso Read | England 1st country to win Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup and Rugby World CupAlso See:last_img read more

6 days agoLiverpool boss Klopp: All the way from Norway to ask me that?

first_imgLiverpool boss Klopp: All the way from Norway to ask me that?by Paul Vegas6 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insists Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn’t need his advice.Klopp was asked by a reporter from Dagbladet if he had words for Solskjaer as United continue to struggle.The German replied: “Hahahaha! Do you really think you can fly over from Norway and ask about it? Wow.”He doesn’t need it. Come on. He has been in the club for a total of 10-15 years. He knows everything about it. He has experience as a manager in football. He knows what he needs to do. It just has to work. That’s it for all of us. “That’s why so many managers get fired at some point, because some internally loses patience. Then you have to go.”From my point of view it looks like he sits there safely. They all knew it was going to be a difficult job.”I don’t think you have to worry about Ole. He is in a good position.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

World Jet Boat Championships wrap up in Taylor

first_imgTAYLOR, B.C. – The World Jet Boat Championships wrapped up on Sunday in Taylor.The team from the US, Bat outta Hell, ended up winning in the unlimited division.  Fort St. John’s Gord Humphrey and his navigator Jason Palfy ended up on 5th.In the CX division, Fort St. John Stacy Kelm and navigator Ty Wheat in the boat Xcalibur finished in sixth place followed by racers Trapper Wolsey and navigator Jimmy Jackson in eighth.  In the same division in twelfth place was the Fort St. John boat of Clayton Wolsey and navigator Ryley Tschiedel. While the racing caused most of the excitement, there was a scary moment on Sunday afternoon as one of the boats caught fire.  A team from New Zealand lost a boat, but everyone was able to escape the fire without injury.The Peace Country River Rats would like to thank all their sponsors, volunteers and fans for helping to make this event a success.On top of the racing, the club also drew for the grand prize winners for their $10,000 raffle.  Below are the winners:Angela Prevost $10,000Leanne Humphrey $3,000Brad Small $2,000last_img read more

Dhoni not to play last 2 ODIs, likely to have played last game on Indian soil

first_imgRanchi: India’s seniormost player Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be “rested” for the final two ODIs of the ongoing series against Australia and Friday’s match here could well be his last international outing on home soil. “We will have some changes in the last two games. Mahi will not be playing in the last two games. He will be taking rest ,” India’s assistant coach Sanjay Bangar told mediapersons after the match. With India not having any home matches till October, the match here could well be the last time that Dhoni has played in India Blues on home soil. Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football togetherThe World Cup is widely believed to be Dhoni’s swansong in India colours. However, the Jharkhand State Cricket Association believes that they would get one limited overs match during the next home season where Dhoni could bid a proper farewell. Knowing Dhoni’s allergy to publicity, the chances of that happening is pretty dim at the moment. Rishabh Pant will keep wickets during the last two ODIs in Mohali and New Delhi.last_img read more

Blast in rebel-held Yemen capital killed 14 schoolchildren: UN

first_imgSanaa: An explosion near two schools in the rebel-held Yemeni capital killed 14 children and wounded 16, the UN said Tuesday, but the cause of the weekend blast remains unclear. Most of the child casualties in the city’s Saewan district were girls under the age of nine, according to statements by both the UN children’s fund (UNICEF) and the UN special envoy for Yemen. Yemen’s Huthi rebels have accused a Saudi-led military coalition backing the government of carrying out an air strike. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US The coalition denied conducting any air raids on the capital on Sunday. “A blast in Sanaa this week killed 14 children and critically injured 16. This is what UNICEF was able to verify, with the actual number of children killed and injured likely to increase,” said UNICEF’s Middle East and North Africa director, Geert Cappelaere. “It was almost lunchtime and students were in class. The blast shattered the windows and unleashed a burst of shrapnel and broken glass into the classrooms.” Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls The United Nations and international aid groups have called for an investigation into the Sunday explosion but have not apportioned blame. The World Health Organization estimates nearly 10,000 Yemenis have been killed since 2015, when Saudi Arabia and its allies intervened to prevent the defeat of the government in the face of a rebel offensive. Human rights groups say the real death toll is several times higher. The conflict has pushed millions of Yemenis to the brink of mass starvation, in what the UN has called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Both sides stand accused of actions that could amount to war crimes. The coalition has been blacklisted by the UN for the killing of children. Saudi Arabia and its allies accuse the Huthis of using civilians as human shields in densely populated areas.last_img read more