Our Statement on a Recent News Story Regarding a Dell Laptop

first_img[UPDATE 2/9/2017]Regarding the recent Dell laptop incident, we have concluded our full investigation. The battery involved was not manufactured by Dell and was not an authentic Dell battery. Remember it is important to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions for all electronic devices. Incompatible, counterfeit or third-party batteries may increase the risk of a safety related incident.Here are some additional battery safety tips to follow for devices with lithium-ion batteries:Go the source. Only buy replacement batteries from the device manufacturer. For Dell devices, authentic Dell batteries purchased directly from Dell are designed specifically to work with your Dell computer and contain intellectual property that helps ensure safety while improving performance, increasing battery life and reducing charge times. Dell cannot verify that replacement batteries purchased elsewhere will operate safely. Visit Battery and Adapter Selector to be sure you get the battery designed specifically for your Dell laptop.Check your resources. Per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), some websites and secondhand dealers not associated with reputable manufacturers and carriers have been found to be selling incompatible, counterfeit, or poorly manufactured batteries and chargers. If you are unsure whether a replacement battery is compatible with your device, be sure to contact the manufacturer.On the mark. For added safety, always look for a genuine Mark of Safety on the battery from an organization such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).We also urge people to properly dispose of all end-of-life electronics. Check out Dell’s ReConnect partnership with Goodwill to recycle PCs and accessories. For more information on device recycling in general, go to www.gowirelessgogreen.org/what-you-can-do/recycling-wireless-devices.aspx.*****2/4/17******We were recently made aware of an incident that occurred involving a Dell laptop. Firstly, we are grateful there were no injuries during this incident. Dell places the highest priority on safety with millions of laptops being used around the world every day. We’ve coordinated with the owner of the laptop and await the product’s return. From there, we will conduct a complete investigation to validate its origin and understand its full history including whether all components such as the battery are manufacturer-approved.Customer AdvisoryAs a reminder regarding all devices, be sure to follow the safety advice within the manufacturer’s product manual. Using an incompatible battery or a third-party battery may increase the risk of a safety related incident. Replace the battery only with a battery purchased from Dell that is designed to work with your Dell computer.last_img read more

Dell EMC Isilon Enhancements Embrace Cloud, Support Kubernetes and Reduce Storage Footprint

first_imgWhat a month this has been for Dell EMC Isilon! Not only are we announcing some pretty powerful innovations, we also won a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award this month. Isilon and OneFS have made a powerful impact on the media and entertainment industry and we have been able to empower organizations to take control of their unstructured data and drive change.According to Gartner, “By 2024 enterprises will triple their unstructured data stored as file or object storage from what they have in 2019.”* As data continues to grow at this unrelenting pace, it is being processed in new ways and becoming more distributed across data centers and clouds.When I think about this data growth, I always think about data being created and how it changes over time, resides in different places and its value ebbs and flows. Data has a lifecycle, but have you ever stopped to think about it? Have you followed the data from creation to actionable insights? For instance, imagine a world where a drone is flying over a field and taking videos. These videos are helping others analyze plant growth and soil nutrients. Data is created but it can’t stay on the drone, it needs to be stored and analyzed by many data users now and in the future. Or what about genome data? Think about its lifecycle and how so many people use it and get benefit out it over years and years. The data is constantly moving and constantly being accessed and analyzed. Data doesn’t get created and just sit somewhere, it has a life.As we have entered this Data Decade, data is proving to become an organization’s most valuable asset, IT leaders need to take a Data First approach to ensure data is secured, protected, available where and when it is needed, delivered at the performance levels required by an organization’s applications, and stored and managed within compliance policies. Having the right tools that can detect problems and automatically provide insights about your data center will be increasingly beneficial to mitigating the risk of data unavailability – or even worse – data loss, thus providing an added layer of protection.To help customers better navigate their multi-cloud journey, Dell Technologies today announced platform enhancements and new capabilities to Dell EMC Isilon and OneFS that provide the modern tools and agility organizations need to derive value and gain actionable insights from their file data and manage its massive growth. These enhancements allow customers to:Seamlessly extend the familiar, scale-out storage of Isilon OneFS to the cloud to easily and efficiently run compute-intensive file workloads in Microsoft Azure with Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services.Use Dell EMC CloudIQ to monitor for potential vulnerabilities, pinpoint system anomalies and plan long-term with capacity forecasting, across their Dell EMC storage environment.Deploy containerized (Kubernetes) workloads with Isilon through support for the Container Storage Interface (CSI) Plugin.Reduce storage footprint and drive new workloads with Isilon OneFS 8.2.2, which delivers up to 3x greater effective capacity and support for 4x larger file sizes.Now that we have given you a little snippet into our Isilon and OneFS announcements, join us at “Dell EMC Presents Isilon at Storage Field Day 19” presentation tomorrow from 11 a.m. PT to 1 p.m. PT (2 p.m. ET – 4 p.m. ET), to hear more about them. But for now, let’s provide some more detail into each of them and see what it means for unstructured data across industries, throughout its lifecycle.Efficiently Run Compute-Intensive file workloads in Microsoft AzureDell EMC Cloud Storage Services connects external storage – consumed as a service – directly to the public cloud. This enables customers to combine the benefits of compute and processing services in the cloud with the unmatched scalability, performance and efficiency of Isilon, while maintaining control and security of their data. Cloud Storage Services with Microsoft Azure has been enhanced to deliver a higher bandwidth (up to 200Gbps), lower latency connection (as low as 1.2ms) from Isilon to the Microsoft Azure cloud using Azure ExpressRoute Local. There are also no outbound data traffic costs for data written to Isilon from within Azure.This solution is ideal for industries, which often require on-demand computing power tied to a massive file system. It allows organizations to choose the right combination of compute and storage for demanding, high I/O throughput file-based workloads that require high compute performance on a periodic and/or unpredictable basis, suitable for a cloud consumption model. Eliminating egress charges enables workloads that require a lot of temporary writes to Isilon to cost-effectively take advantage of Azure’s application services.“We are very excited to be a part of the Cloud Storage Services offering for Microsoft Azure and Isilon, a truly unique, Enterprise cloud solution that reduces the complexity and time required to replicate and present large, petabyte-scale datasets directly into Azure and eliminates the high cost of outbound egress fees typically associated when writing data to environments outside of the public cloud.” said Sean Charnock, CEO at Faction.Remember that genome data we discussed earlier? What if you are in life sciences and want to be able to take advantage of cloud applications for genome analysis. Large research facilities processing hundreds of thousands of genomes per year generate petabytes of very large file data to be stored and also have a demand for computing power that is bursty by nature. With our latest Isilon cloud advancements, you can leverage native Isilon array-based replication to replicate this data to a trusted partner site and easily and cost-effectively leverage the powerful cloud services offered by Azure cloud as desired and watch the value of your data grow.Unified Insights and Analytics for Broader Storage Visibility With Dell EMC CloudIQ support for Isilon customers gain user-friendly summaries of the health of their data center, streamlining administrative tasks and alleviating bottlenecks. CloudIQ, a free, cloud-based application, leverages machine learning to deliver insights, monitoring and analytics about your storage environment – empowering IT specialists to report, predict, and proactively address issues before they impact the business.With support across Dell EMC’s portfolio including Isilon, PowerMax, Dell EMC Unity XT, XtremIO, SC Series, PowerVault and Connectrix switches, customers can now monitor their data center through CloudIQ’s single interface and can access it from anywhere via any web browser or the CloudIQ mobile app. With all of this data living on your storage growing in size and value, becoming increasingly distributed and being leveraged in new ways, it is imperative that you have the tools to ensure the health of your data and provide visibility across your environment. Now, you have even more control in your hands.Enterprise Storage Features for Containerized WorkloadsAs containerized workloads continue to rapidly grow across hybrid clouds, software development and IT operations teams are looking for easier and more cost-effective ways to deploy Kubernetes. Dell Technologies is at the forefront of providing infrastructure solutions for customers to take this rather complex workload head-on. Isilon is now Kubernetes ready to provide customers the best scale out NAS features to containerized workloads with the Container Storage Interface (CSI) Plugin for Isilon.With the CSI Plugin for Isilon, customers gain scalable persistent storage for containerized workloads with operations including volume provisioning/deletion, snapshot creation/deletion, creating volumes from snapshots and shared storage access for NFS file shares across multiple Pods. The CSI plugin is available free of charge on Dell EMC Community forums for CSI Drivers and Containers, GitHub and Docker Hub.Let’s go back to those drone files, you store them on Isilon but you also want to analyze the images and videos and compare them to previous years. What good is data if developers can’t get their hands on it to create their next-gen applications. With the Container Storage Interface plugin, developers can build and deploy microservices on a Kubernetes cluster with Isilon as the file storage platform.Now don’t be surprised that the large drone file is stored on your favorite Isilon. We heard you want to store more and more large files, you want to get more value out of your data, no matter the size. We have made improvements to OneFS that give you greater capabilities. Increased Scalability for Growing Data DemandsMaking our industry leading distributed file systems storage platform even better, the latest release of Dell EMC Isilon OneFS 8.2.2 supports 16 TB file sizes to drive new workloads that demand larger files, such as drone telemetry, automated driver assist solutions, oil and gas exploration and electronic design automation-based solutions. Inline compression and deduplication deliver up to 3x greater effective capacity on the high capacity, high performance H5600 platform enabling customers to reduce data center footprint and optimize storage services.Again, to learn more about today’s announcements tune into the live stream of the “Dell EMC Presents Isilon at Storage Field Day 19” presentation tomorrow from 11 a.m. PT to 1 p.m. PT (2 p.m. ET – 4 p.m. ET).And while you are at it, take some time to get a clear understanding of your data. Where did it get created, where did it travel and how is it giving you the most value? Only then can you have a true Data First approach.*Gartner, Inc. “Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage” by Julia Palmer, Raj Bala, Chandra Mukhyala, September 30, 2019last_img read more

Proven Again! Simple Cloud Protection Solutions with Google Cloud VMware Engine

first_imgDell Technologies makes protecting virtualized applications simple with comprehensive backup, recovery and storage solutions for Google Cloud. On May 14th, Google announced Google Cloud VMware Engine, which enables users to seamlessly migrate VMware workloads to Google Cloud while lowering costs and freeing IT resources for innovation. Running VMware workloads natively in a dedicated, private cloud means you can use the same tools, processes and policies you used on-premises, making transitions faster and simpler.Dell EMC Data Protection solutions for Google Cloud VMware Engine are easy to deploy and offer our proven enterprise-grade backbone underneath, with features such as source-based data deduplication. Our engineering teams jointly validated this solution with our entire portfolio, including cloud-enabled software management capabilities across Data Protection Suite and PowerProtect Data Manager. Being able to deliver scalable backup and recovery of VMs in Google Cloud provides seamless integration with on-premises data protection and protection of vSphere workloads for increased resiliency.With Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE) target backup storage in Google Cloud, VMware users get trusted protection storage and the simplicity, flexibility and efficiency of a software-defined solution. PowerProtect DDVE is simple to configure and deploy and can be up and running within minutes. Data owners can start small and grow as needed while using a single management interface for multiple instances. Underneath the Dell EMC solution, deduplication technology means the same TCO returns as on-prem configurations but with lower cost and cloud footprint.PowerProtect DDVE delivers great agility and scale, up to 96TB per instance and for many virtual workloads. An Electronic Licensing Management System enables flexible deployment and the ability to purchase in 1TB increments. The reductions in cost and storage footprint make this an economically attractive investment, especially as there are no upfront capital investmentsLooking for innovative solutions for your Google Cloud VMware Engine workloads? As a preferred Google Cloud vendor and VMware partner for Data Protection, the choice is obvious for protecting modern applications on Google Cloud.These powerful partnerships will enable you to:Accelerate Cloud Migrations Google Cloud VMware Engine is an integrated first-party offering build, sold and supported directly by Google Cloud. It delivers a fully managed VMware Cloud Foundation stack—which includes integrated vSphere, vSAN, and NSX-T—along with VMware HCX for cloud migration in a dedicated environment on Google Cloud’s highly performant and reliable infrastructure to support enterprise production workloads. You can deploy VMware vSphere-based workloads, natively, in a dedicated SDDC on Google Cloud and utilize the same applications, tools, processes and policies you use today with no changes. With Google Cloud and Dell Technologies, this includes a proven data protection solution across your SDDC environments with support for key workloads, whether Oracle, SQL or SAP Hana.Simplify Operations Google VMware Cloud Engine frees IT from the operational overhead of managing physical infrastructure and can help you spin up a dedicated cloud in minutes with per-second billing and automatic discounts. Improve performance through right sizing and grow or shrink on-demand to reduce costs. Unify management across your VMs and public cloud services to simplify IT operations and deliver a consistent experience from within your existing VMware management tools.Building Agile Multi-cloud FrameworksDell EMC, VMware and Google Cloud combined will provide users with an agile, multi-cloud framework. With their familiarity of VMware tools, rapidly bring new services to market and operate seamlessly and more securely. Take advantage of hybrid cloud architectures and solutions to provide intelligent insights into your customer behaviors with native Google services such as AI, ML and BigQuery.Today, 1000+ customers trust Dell Technologies to protect their data in the cloud¹. Get your cloud on now for those VMs in Google Cloud VMware Engine. ¹ Based on Internal Dell research, February 2020last_img read more

Iran says production of enriched uranium exceeds goals

first_imgTEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian state TV says Iran has exceeded 17 kilograms of 20% enriched uranium within a month’s time. That moves Iran’s nuclear program closer to weapons-grade enrichment levels amid heightened tensions with the U.S. Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, during a visit to the country’s Fordo nuclear facility, said in a televised speech Thursday that in less than a month, scientists would reach 17 kilograms (37.5 pounds) of 20% enriched uranium. Uranium enriched to 20% is a short technical step away from weapons-grade 90% enrichment. Western nations have criticized Iran’s enrichment activity and called on Tehran to adhere to a 2015 nuclear accord.last_img read more

Lithuania set to block Chinese airport scanner firm Nuctech

first_imgVILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — Lithuania’s government says China’s largest maker of security-screening equipment, Nuctech, should not be allowed to install equipment at Lithuania’s three international airports because of data security issues. The Lithuanian government spokeswoman said Nuctech last year won a bid to install baggage screening lines. No deal has been signed. However, a parliament-appointed panel concluded that Nuctech’s system does not meet national security interests and the government is expected to formally take a decision next week. The move comes after the United States said that the state-controlled company is expanding its presence in Europe and is considered a threat to Western security and businesses. Nuctech could not immediately be reached for comment.last_img read more