Sharing new ways to increase the chain

new soft Wen is for what? Everyone may know why, I have always thought that in order to increase the company, of course, can also bring a lot of direct IP. Before in the webmaster network issued several soft Wen, seems to have been recommended to the home page, thank you for the webmaster network hard work of the editor, I represent webmaster nets fans thank you.

today have nothing else to do, in the webmaster nets webmaster tools to check your own even said, well, there are a lot from my written text to the one I feel very funny, is from a navigation station, open opened, it think of it, I do not know when the registered members, and then put inside with N site link, say we are not afraid of a joke, I want to do is to put keywords are set to the name of the web site, and then in the URL where connections are written on my web site. At that time, just know what is the SEO, they think it should be doing is the method of keywords, also be SEO it, almost forgot to say, the personality of the 3375 navigation station seems to say what WEB3.0, is the user to set the home page, the user set up their own web site navigation columns and connection. Like our webmaster, can in the first large columns inside plus Adsense nets, the laggards, station…. The same, as if set to the home page, the next opening is very convenient, not in the input URL, a little can ah. read more

Website operation =SEO

tutorial: a new website on-line, procedures, functions, what is done, and the general webmaster will do is to do everything possible to increase the flow of the site. So how to bring traffic? Some SEOER who began to optimization, each big forum posting, even sending key words, whether it is good or bad method, as long as the method can attract IP to use (including some links induced by deceptive). Thus, the site began to usher in the first batch of traffic, this batch of traffic is often very miscellaneous, antecedents are also accidental, the user stickiness is not large. read more

Online business want to make money really have to study hard

whether online shop or web site and some other things to do, have to study hard, why? Because with their long learning teacher curriculum deeply, I found that I want more knowledge, also feel that their knowledge is inadequate, because for a long time the teacher’s core courses the church is your ideas, and then you have the idea, you will find the online presence of business is really very very much, but you want to do it, because it will be some knowledge of the problem, and it is difficult to prevent them, can be very good to do so. read more

Portal section of the new column profit approach webmaster credit model

as a webmaster portal kind of station, in theory should gather all the webmaster need. But in fact, many webmaster needs now and didn’t solve. For example, funds, this is a lot of websites, teams, personal needs of things, here I also say that the main type of portal station, how to use funds to do a new column to achieve a new profit point. Well done, definitely a new growth and breakthrough point,


first, why is the webmaster portal station can do, in fact, can do, but this is related to the credibility, integrity and other issues, so it must be a industry portal, at least accepted and the station can have more to do successfully. read more

Web Analytics ten ways to shorten web development time

in today’s development environment, fast is good.

original text:

in today’s development environment, fast is good.


like "rapid application development", "agile" and "asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (reload now we can’t even wait for web pages) and other popular words and terms that let you see live in a fast-paced world when in.

but being in a hurry doesn’t mean you have to work overtime – you need to use your head when you’re working. This article will provide you with ten time-saving techniques for shortening web application development. read more

The three step is to make your website better and better

has experienced 2013 Baidu search engine algorithm continues to improve, many webmaster feel the now website optimization, more and more difficult to do. I suspect that in 2014 there will be a lot of people opt out of the SEO industry, but I bet there will definitely be more brave to join. Because every industry today is very intense, if you encounter a little difficult to opt out, then you certainly will not mix in any industry is very good. In general, when in trouble we should study more and more go ahead, so today I will give you talk about me on the search engine in 2014 how to do in order to have a place to live in: read more

Thank you for your selfless help

know elder sister in the webmaster circle is a celebrity, perhaps in Yancheng people do one of the best webmaster. Female stationmaster, eldest sister. The site name is called flying military, the earliest know when I haven’t done, gossip and a IT service provider in Yancheng local, he said flying military, often see themselves with a camera to take pictures of all kinds of military, very dedicated, in that they have several servers. And with the flag of the military channels have very good cooperation. read more

Sun Yunkun cautious open GZip acceleration may affect Baidu spider crawl

GZip is the abbreviation of "GNU Zip", a compression method developed by Jean-loup Gailly. "GZip acceleration" is to transfer the page from the server to the client before using GZip compression, and then to the client for decompression operations, because the amount of data transmission greatly reduced, the download speed of course improved. However, the current broadband has been universal, this technology does not bring significant speed increase.

Because the

function needs to be decompressed in the client, so we need to search engine spiders can correctly extract to analysis the contents of web pages, if it will cause decompression failure, search engine failure, this GZip problem I conducted an experiment. read more

North teeth old factory turned experimentation area business opportunities

Beijing business incubator building is becoming more and more perfect, Beijing will become the economic, political and cultural center, is because there are many advantages, but also a talented person who the first choice for business, as well as policy support, business must have action.

belonging to BAIC Beijing gear factory, located in the West Chaoyang District Dingfuzhuang No. 2 in the hinterland, the core area of national cultural industry innovation experimentation area. The original workers in 2400 people, with the production of 1700 sets of equipment, is the largest scale in the transmission light vehicle, a variety of animals is one of the backbone enterprises, drive axle gear production, the factory has been the overall move to Hebei Huanghua. read more

Restart fm365 com from Lenovo to see the pros and cons of the old domain name comeback

renamed Chinese ( March 3rd hearing, the domain name again after a lapse of more than 10 years, again by Lenovo enabled news caused widespread discussion, in addition to the memory that has become fashionable for a time portal FM365, topic related domain name return has become the object of people discussion, so the old domain with exactly the advantages outweigh the disadvantages,

or more harm than good?

with the original popularity of

we all know, Lenovo’s portal FM365 once very red, site traffic once ranked among all domestic websites five, and TOM, 263, and said the new three major domestic portal site. Even though the decline of closed, but many people are still worried about, even now, also some people will remember this once vibrant portal website. And now Lenovo magic workshop enabled FM365 domain name, no doubt with the domain name of the original reputation for their own web site began to fame, for brand promotion, save a lot of effort. read more