nvestigation and analysis of brand dried fruit shop

dried fruit shop gradually increased, whether it is offline or online platform, consumer enthusiasm for consumers to join the industry to recognize the good prospects for the development of the industry. Brand dried fruit shop operators should pay attention to what investment problems? Let’s take a look at it.

the realities of the market brand to join the fruit shop investors must emerge in an endless stream, polished eye, careful analysis, rational decision making. Next, the fruit shop to join the brand choice of attention to this issue discussed. read more

How to choose the shoes and hats chain store experience sharing

for entrepreneurs, want to make money, to open a shoe shop, do a good job in the preparatory work, a good business can earn a lot of money. What is the preparatory work of the shoes and hats chain store location is one of the most important preparations. Next, look at the shoes and hats chain how to choose it!

in the shop before to do market research, know the relevant circumstances of the local population, so that it can determine the shoes store management etc.. How to open the shoes and hats chain store to investigate the local population, quantity, density, aging and so on need to be taken into account, the analysis of good data to help determine the location. read more

What kind of job do you want to run a men’s shop

relative to the women’s clothing store on the market, the number of men’s clothing store is too small, and only a small number of shops, repeatability is still relatively large. In short, now on the market a lot of men’s clothing brand, product homogeneity is more serious, the business men’s brand, it is necessary for us to understand, select the category popularity, what kind of products is the most professional, which is in the market the most competitive products! This is very important, because it relates to your marketing competitiveness in the terminal, and these are also a successful operation of a men’s clothing store needs to do a bit of work. read more

Analysis on the location problem of health care products store

want a healthy body to create our own needs, health care products are very popular in modern times, now consumers have paid great attention to their own health, the health care consciousness is more and more high, every kind of health care products in the market is becoming more and more popular! Entrepreneurs are also here to see the business opportunities, ready to open a health products store, but your store should be opened where it will make money?

for people engaged in the health care industry, there are some noteworthy things on the site. The following is a proposal on the health care industry location! In the analysis of how the store location, it is necessary to find out the location of the store by those factors. The most important factor that affects the location of the store is the product category. Different types of products, for the target population is different, store location requirements are not the same. First of all, we look at the end which products are suitable for store sales. Generally speaking, in the market, the following products are sold through the store in the way. read more

Wuhan CPPCC members proposed the establishment of disabled entrepreneurship Park

according to statistics 4 years ago, the number of disabled people in China has more than 85 million people. Due to physical inconvenience, many people with disabilities is difficult to find a suitable job. Entrepreneurship is a way out for people with disabilities.

"disabled will start rising, but its entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment there is a big gap, entrepreneurial success rate is very low." In the discussion yesterday, the Wuhan municipal CPPCC members, Qiaokou District CDPF Zhou Hua suggested that the national wave of entrepreneurship should not forget the disabled. read more

ndustry news Ma to give Taobao platform to play a drama

can be said that Ma Yun is a symbol of an era, led countless people enter the entrepreneurship field, and now, the horse richest man to TV news spread like wildfire, believe that all below the glasses.

1, Ma Yun, Lei Jun, etc. for the first time in the light of the media business comedy

entrepreneurship comedy "my dream" in the East Avenue in Guangzhou recently on the drama based on the ordinary electricity supplier entrepreneurs also have blood inspirational story, and the romantic elements, Ma Yun, Lei Jun and other business leaders will be the first shock, a character in the entrepreneur. read more

Small projects for family enrichment

if at home can easily start the better, what is suitable for family business of good projects on the market, here to introduce you to the two quickly, we go to see it, hoping to find a new way to get rich.

on top of each head has a piece of blue sky, why not cast your talent to create this piece of the sky? If you love and good photography, so why not take your favourite camera with your wonderful leaflet out of the door? You can try wedding photography, pictures, all family, passport, student ID card photo collection and local newspaper photos…… In short, almost all types of pictures you can try! Photography is a you easily be able to start a career, you only need to start taking the time at work can be carried out, if the development of good, then you will seriously put all the time and effort. Too late. read more

Service robots into a deep entrepreneurial hot spots

is now a technology pioneering era, in the society appeared many kinds of technology start-ups, in the Shenzhen area, now the service robot has become a new business focus, attention.

9 8, Huaqiang made incubators and national IC design industrialization base of Shenzhen co sponsored "Hi tea Salon", invite the person in charge of Shenzhen several robot start-up companies, the business focus in the robotics and the future development are discussed. Reporters learned that, in recent years from the salon, service robot has become a hot field of Shenzhen enterprises, accelerate the development of customer record, function research mainly concentrated in the children’s early education, smart home, security monitoring, and other aspects of the elderly and the disabled. read more