The municipal government and the provincial electric power

The afternoon of May 29th, mayor Wang Yubo led by Vice Mayor Wang Ping, Zhang Qian, Xu Guocheng and the municipal development and Reform Commission, Economic Commission, construction, planning, land, forestry and other departments responsible to the provincial power company, and general manager of the provincial power company Li Geming and relevant responsible person held a forum on the two parties need to coordinate matters related to solve the face-to-face communication and docking, and reached a preliminary solution. Provincial Power Company deputy general manager Han Ti, Jin Wei and relevant departments attended the forum.

Li Geming behalf of the provincial power company line on Wang Yubo welcomed, fully affirmed the achievements of economic and social development in Xining, and the Xining municipal government, provincial and municipal power company to thank the support of the. He stressed that in recent years, the Xining municipal government on the development of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, adhering to the concept of governing for the people, coordinated development of economic and social development, urban and rural areas, the economic indicators of rapid growth, continuous improvement of people’s living, has made an important contribution to the rapid economic and social development of the province. He pointed out that the next step, the provincial power company will further strengthen exchanges and communication with the city of Xining, fully support the construction of Xining city and social and economic development.

Wang Yubo on behalf of the Xining municipal government to the provincial power company has long been the economic and social development of Xining for their concern and support expressed heartfelt thanks. He pointed out that the provincial power company over the years for the economic and social development of Xining provides adequate power protection, it can be said that the development of Xining is inseparable from the support of the majority of cadres and workers of the provincial electric power company. This year, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government asked not only to build the city of Xining City People’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, but also to create a livable city of the province’s people’s satisfaction. With the change of development orientation in our city, the city’s electricity demand will continue to increase, the power supply requirements will also change, provincial power company hopes to further increase the economic and social development of Xining, especially the construction of the eastern city of group support. Xining municipal government will also continue to support the development of the provincial power company, and do a good job of service and security. Wang Yubo stressed that the provincial power company and Xining municipal government should establish a joint meeting system, regular meetings to study and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the work of the two sides, to promote the development of city power grid construction and match the coordination.   read more

Xining tourism last year ten billion yuan Jin

2013, Xining received a total of 13 million 70 thousand tourists at home and abroad, the total tourism revenue of $10 billion 80 million. This is the reporter learned from the 5 sessions of Xining.

last year, Xining through the establishment of "big tourism" concept of propaganda, propaganda from the scenic spot into marketing the whole city, and through the shooting of tourism micro films and other means, to highlight the Xining tourism ecology, culture and leisure characteristics, a series of promotional strategies and achieved good benefits, so that Xining city achieved a double growth tourists and income, also expanded the great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining "visibility and reputation. read more

Yu Zhengsheng to participate in the deliberations of the delegation of Qinghai

Yu Zhengsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), attended the three session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Qinghai on the morning of the 8 meeting of the delegation of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Communist Party of China), on the morning of may.

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The Ministry of finance to seek ten priorities for the implementation of livelihood

Over the years, our province has been practicing the small finances do big people "concept, every year for the people’s livelihood expenditure of more than 75%. In November 27th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of finance, next year the provincial government will continue to implement a number of practical livelihood projects in the province, to ensure that the number of people’s livelihood project more conform to the public opinion, close to the people, the Provincial Department of Finance on the basis of investigation preliminary screening 13 livelihood facts, solicit public opinions and suggestions the people of all nationalities, and to choose the urgent need for the government 10 practical arrangements for the implementation of the priority.2016

"food basket" project intends to build 5000 building energy-saving solar greenhouse, new construction and renovation of 10 agricultural and livestock products market. To strengthen the market price supervision and inspection, crack down on price violations, maintaining market price order.

for this year the public to pay more attention to the two child policy in our province also intends to implement the national universal two child in the family planning policy of Huimin engineering, improve the policy of maternity insurance for urban workers, adjust and improve family planning special family support gold standard.
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Xining health supervision department before the food hygiene inspection 84 illegal businesses checke

The afternoon of September 28th, the City Health Bureau of health supervision to the news units informed before national food hygiene inspection, inspection of the Communist Party of China pointed out that in the investigation of illegal business 80, a fine of 14, the penalty amount of 11760 yuan.The

bulletin said, in order to ensure that the people live a healthy, happy and peaceful National Day, effectively protect the masses of people’s health, the Municipal Health Bureau according to the emergency notice requirements, from September 17th to September 28th, a total of 300 food business units and the festival for weddings and collective dining units the intensive supervision and inspection. Among them, the catering industry 134 households, 12 households food supermarket (shopping mall), "five small industries 154. read more

Xining RS to use the new platform to carry out tax publicity

Xining IRS taxi roof GPS electronic display of this new platform, extensive tax publicity.

in April this year is the nineteenth national tax awareness month. In order to widely publicize the knowledge of Taxation, the taxi contact extensive, strong liquidity of Xining State Taxation Bureau, in the electronic display on top of more than 3 thousand taxis, 24 hours scrolling tax to promote the development, development and improvement of people’s livelihood "and other slogans, to remind the public in accordance with the law to protect their rights to tax, tax, tax knowledge throughout the high streets and back lanes. read more

The Municipal Seismological Bureau held the seismic safety of rural residence construction knowledge

September 9th, City Council joint Seismological Bureau of Huangyuan County Construction Office organized earthquake safe construction training class". Huangyuan County, a total of more than 40 cadres in charge of rural housing construction and construction workers attended the training.
the training by Luo Chunyan of Qinghai University teachers. Simple explanation of the two or three storey masonry structure of the seismic structure of the main points, the role of seismic structure in the performance of the housing, how to do a good job of economic and reasonable seismic fortification work. After class I Bureau to participate in training staff presented the earthquake knowledge brochures and jointly published by the Municipal Seismological Bureau, Municipal Construction Committee of the "Xining rural residential earthquake safety promotion Atlas".
for a period of time, the Municipal Seismological Bureau will continue to combine rural renovation project in three counties, to strengthen the publicity, improve training, and actively provide Rural Residential Seismic technical services, service of new rural construction, and promote rural residential earthquake safety project. read more

The inferior toxic melamine tableware in Xining city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau will prosecute

recently, melamine tableware originally beautiful and durable and highly favored by CCTV disclosure of alleged carcinogens, followed by state quality inspection administration as investigation object. So, how to use and sale of our province melamine tableware? In April 27th, the reporter visited the Yiwu business city, Yidong trade city and Hualian Supermarket stores etc..

walked into the hall two floor of Yiwu International Trade City, only selling tableware stalls on them, the size of the riotous with colour imitation bowls, dishes, such as tableware, the tableware looks gorgeous color, smooth feel, but there is no 80% dishes on the QS quality and safety certification mark, but not many tableware manufacturers such as signs, only English letters and certificates of homemade manufacturers. When asked if there is no QS logo tableware is safe, a vendor turned around impatiently, simply ignore reporters. The reporter then saw in Hualian Supermarket, although most of the supermarket on melamine tableware are affixed with the QS logo, but there is no sign of some melamine tableware. read more

Qinghai the average daily new market players 201

12 month 7 days, reporters from the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that, as of the end of November, the province’s total of 328 thousand and 300 types of market players, the registered capital of 838 billion 382 million yuan. At present, the province’s average daily new market players 201, thousands of people with a market main body of 56, thousands of people have a business of 13, compared with the previous reform has been significantly improved. Since the 2014 commercial system reform, the province’s new market players 184 thousand, accounting for the total number of market players of the total number of 56%. read more

Xining 19 provisions of the cadres of the real thing

For the implementation of the central and provincial, municipal regulations on improving the work style, close ties with the masses, resolutely punish "mediocre, lazy, scattered, extravagance phenomenon, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department earlier this month issued the" Interim Measures to change the strict management of cadres to promote discipline and style "(hereinafter referred to as the" measures "). The "measures" clear strict work discipline, strict implementation of the system, the implementation of the provisions of the responsibility management, asked the 19 to increase the intensity of reward and punishment. read more