New government lionfish commission to take on invasive species

first_img Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times Local efforts to curb the encroachment of invasive species in Costa Rica’s Caribbean got a big boost this week with the formation of a National Commission for the Management and Control of Lionfish. The new commission will provide government support for Caribbean fishing associations that are already actively combatting the proliferation of lionfish (Pterois).Introduced to the Atlantic Ocean from the Indo-Pacific sometime in the 1980s, the lionfish has been wreaking havoc on Caribbean fish populations. The fish can gobble up two smaller fish every minute and lay up to 30,000 eggs each year, depleting catches for fishermen and damaging the ecosystem. Though not the hardest hit country in the region, Costa Rica has approximately 90 lionfish per hectare and fishermen have reported an 80-87 percent decline in their catches since 2009 when the fish began to appear off the country’s coast.See also: The lionfish huntersSince 2012, the Southern Caribbean Traditional Fishermen’s Association (APACS) has worked to spear or trap as many lionfish as possible, but lack of funding has limited their efforts.Made up of ten government organizations, universities, NGOs and community leaders, the new commission will allocate public resources to combat the lionfish invasion. The commission will meet over the next several months to determine its first steps, which will include a publicity campaign to encourage the public to buy and eat lionfish, as well as better funding for the annual lionfish tournament in Manzanillo.“At the moment we are working with the commission to put on the best lionfish fishing tournament yet,” said José Ugalde a member of APACS. Facebook Comments Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Timescenter_img Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times Related posts:Costa Rica’s shark conservation record is a ‘mixed bag,’ observers say Costa Rica says it will support new shark protections despite agreements with fishermen US surfer loses leg in Tamarindo crocodile attack Costa Rica to host third International Sustainable Building Congresslast_img read more

Online business want to make money really have to study hard

whether online shop or web site and some other things to do, have to study hard, why? Because with their long learning teacher curriculum deeply, I found that I want more knowledge, also feel that their knowledge is inadequate, because for a long time the teacher’s core courses the church is your ideas, and then you have the idea, you will find the online presence of business is really very very much, but you want to do it, because it will be some knowledge of the problem, and it is difficult to prevent them, can be very good to do so. read more

Join ingot ravioli all year round to earn

wonton, has always been a very delicious food. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the wonton project, is also a very good choice. How about wonton? Market snacks to join the brand leader. If you join the gold wonton project, is also very exciting. Hurry up!

a lot of people for the wonton is love and hate, because the taste is really good wonton, but ravioli fillings have been used, many people are worried about health problems. Eat wonton, there is no such worries, the selection of fillings, are the exclusive secret system, and will be regularly replaced, will not be reused. In the wonton wonton franchise stores, to bring food to consumers are healthy and nutritious delicious! read more

The innovation of entrepreneurship

Innovation is the fundamental business, innovation is the motive power of entrepreneurship, only continuous innovation, constantly find new markets, the use of the new technology, new equipment update, the application of new development pattern, can long to get rich, long-term profitability! For entrepreneurship, innovation is particularly important.

China already changed from the beginning of reform and opening up the "shortage economy" to "surplus economy", entrepreneurs entering the market will have a certain degree of competition. And an entrepreneurial team can think of other entrepreneurs and even the existing business managers will think, so entrepreneurs encounter competition is inevitable. In the market competition, the lack of innovative entrepreneurship, it is difficult to survive and grow. read more

Network youth growth plan officially launched

nearly two years of development of the Internet has spawned a large number of start-up companies, the emergence of a number of leading figures, to bring a great incentive for young entrepreneurs. Now more young people to join the ranks of the Internet entrepreneurs to carry out the new situation of the new entrepreneurial journey.

12 9, sponsored by the national Internet Information Office of the Network Social Work Bureau, Xinhua hosted network youth growth plan officially launched. National Network letter office network social work bureau, Xinhua responsible comrades attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech, together for the youth of the Internet industry to open innovation and entrepreneurship, growth and talent journey. On the same day, "one of the key projects planned green coffee" in all media broadcasting center, 3W coffee founder, pull hook network founder and chairman Xu Dandan as the first speaker, around the "entrepreneurial outlet where the theme of a speech, and with a number of Internet and rookie site guests launched a series of exciting interactive. read more

Education and training institutions operating strategy

look at all walks of life, education and training industry is very popular, widely popular among investors. From the current situation of education and training investment, the number of stores to join more than the number of independent shop. So for the first time to join the field of education and training entrepreneurs, what business Raiders can understand it? Here are two points for reference.

read more

Ten bathroom brand ranking

choose what kind of bathroom, may for the late consumer experience has great influence, so people now if you want to choose a suitable sanitary products, natural need of the market brand has a more y understand. For this reason, the ten major brands of sanitary ware is a lot of people are very concerned about the issue, these brands are very recognized by consumers, we can also be assured when buying. Here we will look at the specific ten bathroom brands list, so as to familiarize yourself with this market rankings. read more

Xining the fourth installment of the 535 sets of public rental to the public Yaohao with rent

December 15th, the fourth batch of public rental housing distribution in Xining, which is the last time this year, the allocation of public rental housing for the public Yaohao with rent, find the owner of the 535.

to straighten out the public rental housing with rent work, starting from December this year, the public rental housing with rent work organized by the district government to implement the four. The public housing Yaohao distribution respectively, Chengzhong District 100 China (rhyme Peace Road No. 12), a total of 479 sets, the standard rent is 12.25 yuan / square meters; Ruihua district (Nanchuan Road No. 139), a total of 13 sets, the standard rent is 10.5 yuan / square meters. The north area of Qing Tang town housing area a (Qaidam Road No. 539), a total of 43 sets, the standard rent is 8 yuan / square meters. read more

Thailand cultural tourism exhibition held in Xining

October 19th, 20, by the Thailand National Tourism Administration, the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau jointly organized by the Thailand cultural tourism exhibition held in Xining.

During the period of

, Thailand province tourism industry and I held in Xining (Lanzhou) to Thailand charter will promote mutual promotion in tourism resources, both part of the travel agency is sending tourists signed a cooperation agreement. In recent years, the rich characteristics of Thailand cultural tour has attracted more and more tourists in Qinghai at the same time, great beauty of Qinghai Thailand people’s attraction to the magnificent mountains and rivers is also enhanced, while in the Qinghai inbound tourist source list has not yet entered Thailand before ten, but the two travel operators that Thailand and Qinghai natural culture the difference between great tourism resources, expand the tourist market there is a big potential market, with convenient air route enhancement, space tourism cooperation increase. (author: Zhang Lifeng) read more

Xining spring production in an orderly manner

as of March 11th, Xining city has completed the wheat and faba bean and other crops planting 15 thousand acres of spring production started from low altitude to high altitude, Sichuan water area to shallow brainmountain region gradient curtain.

this year, the city of Xining closely around the stability of grain crops, highlighting the characteristics of crop cultivation requirements, and further optimize the planting structure, the city is expected to maintain an area of 1 million 800 thousand acres of crops. Among them: food crops to maintain at 900 thousand acres, oil planting of 510 thousand acres, vegetable area of 320 thousand acres, the other 70 thousand acres. Oil, beans, potatoes, vegetables, four characteristics of the proportion of crops in the stability of about 75%. At present, Sichuan water area in parts of Huangzhong county has been issuing seed. read more

Talk to the correction of chronic ills

"Talk talk" no longer sing the praises of "self correction" is no longer as a mere formality ". Xining city in the second part of educational practice, in-depth talk heart to heart activity, control list origin analysis, carried out the problem finding and collective consultation, focus on the correction of chronic ills, in-depth focus on the four winds, help each other to find the problem, the real problems start talking about.