DD Motoring: German giant tests electric supercar in Donegal

first_imgIt’s another Bank Holiday Easter weekend and Donegal is full of tourists, mostly out from the north as they take advantage of the good weather.Cars with roof racks and boxes, bicycles clipped to the boot-lids with caravans on tow.One car looks different from the rest. There is something not just right about its appearance. Advertisement Back to the Future.If we had seen a flux capacitor on it, this supercar might have passed for a DeLorean made famous by the “Back to the Future” box office hit in the 1980s.The Old De Lorean in the Film “Back to the Future” which had to try harder to get an electric supply.Under a heavy camouflage the car (all in black) and with headlights and taillights painted over the latest design and even a badly made Mercedes badge in the boot lid and the cars proper crest on the bonnet covered over in black duct tape the low slung coupe-like supercar made it way into Donegal over the Easter holidays.The German-registered left-hand drive car and its passengers might have thought that this teams effort to make this prototype look like a big Mercedes would pass unnoticed. Advertisement A view of the rear of this mystery car pictured in Letterkenny this week with a team of technicians in support.But even when it was sitting in a traffic jam local motorist in Donegal knew there was something rare about this black sports car.Watching the car pull off the road and heading into the filling station the Donegal petrolheads were completely baffled when this supercar pulled up to the electric charging point.The rear end of the Supercar with false tail light to confuse onlookers of its real design.Had our visiting German tourists mistaken our electric point for a petrol pump?Was it a Tesla?First impressions of the supercar as it plugged into the electric quick charger suggested that it might be one of the American built all-electric Tesla sports cars. The very badly hand-drawn three-pointed starts on the boot lid might do it job from a distance to confuse someone into believing it was a Mercedes Benz that they just seen passing by.A close up of the taillight reveal that they are false and part of a print included in a body wrap to his the design of the new Porsche.But up close this looks comical to the point that no one could ever claim that this was a Merc badge.It’s a wrap.This car, whatever it was, was covered up in a complete body wrap that included misleading headlights and tail light clusters printed on to the graphics. Back in the days of the film, ‘Back to the Future’, Michael Fox and Doc Browne had to wait on a bolt of lighting for their engird supply, meanwhile our mystery car in Donegal just plugged into the E-car charger at Tobin’s and as the car electric supply replenished it batteries another German registered large SUV pulled up alongside it.The test crew in the electric Porsche pictured with its false headlights covering the real design of this new supercar.The drivers and passengers of both vehicles get out and all join in a conversation in German.It was soon clear these were folk were not here for a holiday all dress as a team of technicians or mechanics.The second car that looked like a support crew were driving a Porsche so there’s a good chance that this supercar was also a Porsche and possibly the all-electric one which is due to be launched at the Frankfurt motor show later this year in September.Was it a Taycan?If it was the electric Porsche (Taycan) in Donegal this week with it was here undercover with all it badges covers up which was a far cry the first car that Porsche ever made was was also electric.Well over one hundred years ago, Mr Porsche, proud of his invention, had engraved the code “P1” (standing for Porsche, number one, signifying Ferdinand Porsche’s first design) onto all the key components.Called Egger-Lohner it was was a carriage-like car driven by two electric motors within the front wheel hubs, powered by batteries. This drive train construction was easily expanded to four-wheel drive by mounting two more electric motors to the rear wheels,The Mercedes badge which was painted on to the rear of this supercar to hide it real identity as it completed testing in Co.Donegal this week.The support team in Donegal this week politely kept to themselves and spoke mostly in German, but a local man from Letterkenny who would be well into his cars managed to get chatting to the team as they waited for their electric car to charge at Tobin Filling Station in Letterkenny.John Frizzell managed to get a reply of figure 220 from one of the mechanics in broken English.John Frizzell has a yarn with the German mechanics at the Porsche Prototype Electric car is charged in Letterkenny.As of yet, we’re still trying to work out if that figure was the speed that car could achieve or was the range of miles it could go on one charge or the price tag of this amazing piece of German engineering which was in Donegal this week to test their supercar on our famous roads.Happy Motoring Folks.DD Motoring: German giant tests electric supercar in Donegal was last modified: April 24th, 2019 by Brian McDaidShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

ONE MORE GAME: Del Norte advances to first state championship game in program history, beats The Kings Academy 21-14

first_imgThe Warriors, fresh off winning the program’s first-ever section title a week ago, will have an opportunity to capture a state championship for the first time in team history.O.J. Calleja rushed for two touchdowns and the Del Norte football team beat The Kings Academy (TKA) 21-14 in the NorCal region Division 5-AA state bowl game, Friday night on the road in Sunnyvale.Del Norte (13-1) quarterback Calleja gave the Warriors an early lead, punching in a 1-yard touchdown run midway through the …last_img read more

People Can Be Devious Lab Rats (and Researchers)

first_imgHuman lab rats can fool human researchers, who in turn can fool the human public.  Honesty must be the only policy in science.Fraud by Lab RatsThe laugh is on psychologists who published a landmark longitudinal study in the 1990s about adolescent sexual attitudes.  Science Daily and Live Science reported that the “National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health” (nicknamed Add Health) was skewed by young pranksters who apparently lied on questionnaires about their sexual orientation, inflating the numbers of homosexuals and bisexuals from an expected one percent to 5-7 percent.  The psychologists were further surprised that large numbers of the self-reported nonheterosexuals reported going straight in the later years of the survey.  Surprised, the researchers published the results anyway.  Their “widely-cited” paper, based on 14,000 participants responding in four waves between 1994 and 2008, “led researchers, clinicians and policymakers to an inflated sense that gay youth are more suicidal, depressed and psychologically ill than are straight youth.”Only now are the researchers realizing that “they should have known something was amiss.”  It’s possible some of the adolescents didn’t understand the questions, but more likely, a follow-up study concluded, they were just joking, thinking it funny to pretend to be homosexual while answering the questions.  The report in Archives of Sexual Behavior is titled, “The Dubious Assessment of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adolescents of Add Health.”  Because policymakers can be reluctant to question “scientific” results, “The possibility could have serious implications for a generation of researchers who study the data, and it may have broader implications for understanding teen love, health and sexuality, the researchers in the study say.”  The articles did not specifically mention any policies or laws enacted on the basis of the questionable data.Fraud by Lab ResearchersLast year saw the downfall of a number of psychologists caught fabricating and inflating their data.  Now, one geneticist is seeking a comeback after his humiliating downfall.  Science Insider says that Woo Suk Hwang, the Korean cloner who disgraced himself eight years ago with fraudulent papers about human embryonic stem cells (1/09/2006), is trying to redeem himself with his old specialty of cloning animals.  His scandal had caused some serious soul-searching by journals about scientific integrity (2/05/2006).  In Nature, David Cyranoski wrote more at length about Hwang’s redemption after “one of the most widely reported and universally disappointing cases of scientific fraud in history,” one his university president had called “an unwashable blemish on the whole scientific community as well as our country.”  How, then, can the blemish be washed?  Can the leopard change its spots?Hwang no longer works with human embryonic stem cells, but exercises his expertise with animal cloning.  He started, after all, as a veterinarian.  Still, he is a known liar.  He admitted to lying, but still maintains he really did create a line of hESCs.  He also blames his co-author for duping him.  He has spent no time in jail, despite a 3-year sentence (later reduced to 18 months, pending appeal).  Meanwhile, his lab, still staffed by some of his original colleagues during the scandal, is making good money cloning dogs and other animals – much of it supported with government grants.  The lab has published 40 peer-reviewed papers since the scandal.  “The fact that Hwang is being published in peer-reviewed journals is a sign that he is becoming accepted once more.”  His investors and colleagues seem to think that having been caught in such a high-profile scandal will keep him on best behavior, knowing he will be scrutinzed more carefully.  One partner was impressed with “how hard he works, and how passionate he is for science.”  Another scientist, though, is skeptical: “If you fabricated data once, how would one know that you will not do it again?”It is likely Hwang still feels the lure of fame for human therapeutic cloning.  The government has given him permission to work on human embryos – just not to clone them.  That hasn’t kept him from applying.  With hopes for redemption, the lure of fame, and enough ambiguity about some aspects of his retracted papers, will he once again be given trust by a public that sees this scientific hero as too high to fail?  More importantly, what’s the complaint about ethics of fraud in a field – human cloning – widely criticized by many ethicists as immoral?In passing, Cyranoski made this statement about the choice between human embryonic stem cells (hESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC):Nevertheless, Woo Suk Hwang intends to return to human therapeutic cloning. But he may be trying to ride a wave that has already passed. A competing technology — induced pluripotency, discovered in 2006 — creates stem cells from adult cells, skirting the difficulty of sourcing human eggs and the controversy of embryo destruction. Even the announcement last year that a human stem-cell line had finally been created from a cloned embryo got a more muted reception than the carnival that greeted Hwang when he announced his now-discredited paper.In hindsight, it’s ironic that Hwang fell just months before the iPSC revolution.  Cyranoski’s words reinforce the theme that iPSCs appear to have rendered hESC work redundant if not irrelevant.  Since “therapeutic cloning” remains just as ethically controversial as before, one wonders why Hwang and others still pursue that path with such zeal.Update 1/22/14:  Nature published an editorial to correct a false impression some were getting from Cyranoski’s article that Hwang has been rehabilitated within the scientific community.  “Nothing could be further from the truth,” the editors say: nor should scientists rush to rehabilitate him.   The editors question the originality, impact, or scientific value of any of his work, and warn about Hwang’s apparent selfish motives to recover, an effort that some South Koreans seem too eager to accept for reasons of national pride.Update 1/29/14:  The whistleblower who alerted the media to the Hwang fraud told Nature about the threats and abuse he suffered as a result.  For daring to expose a South Korean star scientist, Young-Joon Ryu had to go into hiding six months with his wife.  It took years for him to find new employment, but he does not regret his decision.  “The Hwang case was a wake-up call for many journals to police [fraud] more seriously,” a European science publisher said, adding, “little has formally changed regarding the protection and encouragement of constructive whistle-blowing”.Consider the parallels to Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortion monster.  He was condemned not for performing abortions per se, but for violating procedural rules in the manner he did it.  It appears that Hwang, who showed himself unworthy of trust, is being given trust once again after a wrist slap and a public show of indignation.  How terrible that he would lie and fake his data!  That he pressured women to donate eggs and experimented on fertilized human embryos is seen as a lesser offense.  A society that can tolerate unethical behavior in one sphere is not likely to repress it in another.When a preacher sins, he is usually out of the ministry for good.  It doesn’t mean he can’t earn a living some other way, but no longer can he be trusted to teach others how to live.  While we all love redemption stories, there are certain roles in society that demand higher accountability.  Science (like any scholarly pursuit) should be one of them.  A scientist who has betrayed a trust by fraud undermines any future credibility.  Let that person take up truck driving or cooking, assuming he or she can be trusted to deliver the goods honestly.  Notice once again that science is not a mechanical method.  It depends on the minds and hearts of fallible human beings, aspiring to ethical ideals that are timeless and universal, not made of matter in motion. 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Wine Country fires devastate Beckstoffer still shows for CFWF in Turks and

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos – November 1, 2017 – Celebrated Wine maker, Tuck Beckstoffer of Beckstoffer Wines is pushing past the devastation brought to his home and business in California after the raging fires there which actually killed 35 people in wine country USA.Making his third trip to the Turks and Caicos for the Caribbean Food and Wine Festival, Beckstoffer will tonight at the Wine Cellar be a part of the wine welcome event where he is usually the life of the party.  The Wine Cellar expects Tuck to be no different despite his own personal heartbreak over the fire effects on his home.In fact, Tuck Beckstoffer, in reports we have found on line is not only a vintner, which I learned is a wine maker and wine merchant but Beckstoffer is also a fire fighter and a philanthropist.  The Mercury News reported that Tuck was fighting off the Atlas Fire at Soda Canyon, that he was shocked at what he found including dead animals in the road, cars melted into puddles due to the intense heat of the flames, giant oak trees downed by the winds,snapped in half and damage to some of his properties.Another inferno, the Nun’s fire was threatening his other properties too and yet, the publication reported on October 12 that:  “Even as his wineries remain at risk, Beckstoffer has begun giving back to his devastated community, including donating this weekend’s tasting room proceeds to relief efforts, and putting on a big barbecue Thursday for firefighters.”The Turks and Caicos is happy to have Tuck returning for the 2017 installment of the #CaribbeanFoodandWineFestival, along with Neil Collins from Lone Madrone of Paso Robles and Greg Stach of Landmark Vineyards.  #CFWF2017 officially kicks off tomorrow with the welcome dinner at Grace Bay Club. Celebrated & Celebrity Chefs in for 2017 TCI Caribbean Food & Wine Festival Turks and Caicos 2017CFWF sold out, again! Related Items:#CFWF2017, #napavalleyfires, #thewinecellartci, #tuckbeckstoffer, #winecountryfires Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI Culinary student selected for CFWF 2017 Recommended for youlast_img read more