VIDEO Immigration Protests at SFO

first_imgMission District organizations and residents were out at airport on Saturday and Sunday to protest President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration. One prominent Mission organization was the Arab Resource and Organizing Center at 522 Valencia St.We’re working on a round-up of immigration assistance. If you or your organization plans to hold any events to keep residents informed, please let us know and we will post them.Send to SFO Protest V3 Cassandra from Rachel Cassandra on Vimeo. Tags: immigration • protests Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img 0%last_img read more

Cavs Rock Dubs roll in game two

first_img 0% Delirium is buzzing over the political/cultural differences between Cleveland and the Bay Area reflected in the Finals.Not really, but there is at least one difference worth noting before the fourth quarter begins.While Big Tech lined up behind Mrs. Clinton, as did the players and coaches on both teams, Cavs owner, Quicken Loan Shark Dan Gilbert, hosted a fundraiser for Trump. A secret fundraiser. We assume LeBron (who was big time for Hilary) and Kyrie were kept off the guest list.The two team go back and forth for the first four minutes of the fourth quarter. After a short rest, Steph Curry enters the game with 8 minutes to go and the Dubs still up 14. Two minutes later they are up 20 and, with a brilliant play in which KD blocks a Kevin Love shot, gets the rebound, dribbles down and scores falling down, the game is over.Although another blow out by the score, the Cavs made the game interesting and the Dubs made it fun to watch.After the game, a reporter asks KD to look back and assess what the Dubs have done to this point in the playoffs.“I’m not looking back,” says KD.Sure glad I’m not on that plane tonight flying back to Cleveland with LeBron and the Cavs.Earlier coverageDubs pack the bars, take the trophyFans Celebrate with bonfire in the streetCavs throw Dubs to the dogsDubs smash and grab Game 3Cavs rock, Dubs roll in game twoDub’s defense steals game one.NBA finals: a guide for the perplexed.Where to watch the gamesThe Mission awaits the finals. Pre-Game: Monk’s Kettle (Bar)I’m at Monk’s Kettle early to grab a seat at the bar. By game time, no hope. The Kettle is not a real sports bar, but it’s got a TV, the best food on the block and wide variety of beers. Do they carry Elvis Juice from Brewdog?Rolla from Italy came for coffee this morning. She’s doing a piece for Conde Nast Italia on the games as a reflection of the cultural/political divide between the Golden State and the Rust Belt.Her take on Game Two (rough translation): Kevin Love opens the second half with a layup for the Cavs and two minutes later he scores their next three points. After another two minute drought, Love scores again.Coach Kerr got on Curry’s case at halftime reportedly telling his point guard he didn’t look like he was having a good time. Come the third quarter, Steph begins to look like he’s enjoying himself. But with about 5 minutes to go, the Cavs get going and cut the lead to 4.Time out.A guy behind me: “Bombs in London. We’re Irish.”What? I turn. An old guy in blue and yellow.Again. Not loud, not menacing. “Bombs in England. We’re Irish.”In the noisy crowded bar, not many hear him. Those that do freeze.One the barristas is on it. “Shut up Mikey” she says, “Or go home.” He walks out.Time in.Over the next 4 minutes and 35 seconds, the Dubs outscore the Cavs 13-2. With Green in foul trouble earlier in the quarter, Kerr replaced him with KD who was magnificent. Now Green returns. Not only have the Dubs tightened their defense, it’s clear LeBron can’t keep up the pace. Steph Curry scores on him in showy highlight fashion and the rout is on.Fourth Quarter: Deliriumcenter_img Expect the Cavs to take the floor pumped up on more than Elvis Juice. Going back to Cleveland is grim enough. Going back down 0-2 on a plane with LeBron James and all those pain meds? Uh, no thank you. Then we hear the big news. Steve Kerr is coming back to coach tonight.First Quarter: Monk’s KettleNo one expects a blow out like Game One. I expect the game to be slow. Ha ha. The pace is even faster than the first. Someone must have spiked the Cavs’ water. Cleveland is running. Their game plan is immediately apparent. They decided they can’t stop the Dubs. So they will try to run with the Dubs.Run and dunk like the Dubs did in Game One. And the Dubs do in Game Two. It’s a track meet, an All-Star game. A Night of a Thousand and One Dunks.And how does Steph Curry welcome back Steve Kerr, a man living through most days with excruciating pain, the coach who made him a superstar? Six turnovers with thoughtless, careless, casual passes.Nick and I are the only two totally involved in the game. I would say the rest are more involved with their friends and their food with an occasional whoop when KD dunks. More of a crunch-time crowd.Can the Cavs keep running?Clevelandd as a city has been running on empty for the past five or six decades. But after they beat the Dubs last year, the city became “Believeland.” Don’t believe it. Cleveland remains faithful to its corrupt politicians, out-of-control cops, racism, sleezy loan sharks and world class medical center for those who can afford it.  It’s true you won’t believe the housing costs.The Dubs throw down an outstanding 40 points. Still, at the end of the first quarter, the runnin’ Cavs are only down 5.Second Quarter: The 500 ClubIf the techie scene is not your scene, you can do worse than this classic dark, dingy dive bar.It’s the second quarter now and things are getting chippy. Steph is still throwing the ball away and the defense is uncharacteristically porous, giving away far too much. The offense has gone rancid.A guy is selling Giants t-shirts with a Godfather logo. “The Giants could use a Godfather this year,” I say.But let’s get back to basketball.But before we do, the t-shirt seller asks if I’m a cop.  It must be darker and dingier in here than I think.On the positive side Klay Thompson is making shots after a playoff long slump. Also good to see Draymond Green sinking a couple threes. On the negative side, Cleveland’s strategy to get Green in foul trouble is working.The Dubs are running but it seems the Cavs are forcing the pace. And the turnover battle has turned decisively in the Cav’s favor.It’s been a speedy half. I feel like I’ve been mainlining caffeine for two or three weeks straight. Before the second half, I need to chill.Halftime: Dolores ParkTime travel.Mission homeboy Carlos Santana opened the game with a stoner’s version of the Star Spangled Banner. Well received by the crowd in Oracle and would have fit well here this evening. A laid back sun and a cool breeze blowing through the semi-populated park. Close your eyes and it could be the Summer of Love.Third Quarter: Phoenix Irish Bar Tags: warriors Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

VIDEO Mayor Breed who keeps our streets clean

first_imgWho cleans up our streets? from Mission Local on Vimeo.A Mission resident who lives on Albion called 311 Wednesday at around 8:30 a.m. about a pile of trash on the north side of Camp Street. Later, I sent a notice and photo about the same debris on the city’s 311 app. The complaint #9281971 requested street or sidewalk cleaning at the intersection of Albion and Camp St. At 10:30 a.m. or so, the resident who made the initial call heard ranting outside his window. He looked out and saw a gentleman walking somewhat wildly on the south corner of Camp Street. He wondered if he should call someone — the police, or 311 again?Was the gentleman on the corner a danger to himself or anyone? No, the resident decided. He kept watching.In fits and starts, the man put on the blue gloves that sanitation workers use. He had a plastic bucket and a bottle of some spray liquid. He headed for the trash on the north side of Camp Street. The resident began to take short videos of the slow, sometimes erratic organization of the trash.He did not see who eventually came for the trash, but he sent me the video. Clearly, he thought, there was a connection between the gentleman cleaning up the mess and the eventual collection of the debris.To find out and to identify the gentleman, I sent the video to Rachel Gordon, the press spokesperson for the Department of Public Works.“The fella is not one of our employees, nor is he in one of our workforce development programs,” Gordon wrote in an e-mail. “I don’t know who he is. (Our workers and workforce development partners wear identifying vests.) Our crew or a Recology crew probably did pick up the trash afterward because of the 311 request.”I called Robert Reed at Recology and sent him the video as well. Again, he said, the man was not an employee and he did not know who he was. He said it was most likely that DPW came by for the trash.I looked around the neighborhood thinking I might see the anonymous hero, but I could not find him.The ticket is still open. A 311 operator looked it up on Saturday morning. It was still in DPW’s work queue and the trash should be picked up within three days. Once done, he said, the ticket would be closed.If anyone knows who the gentleman is or how to get in touch with him, please contact me at Email Address,0%center_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletterlast_img read more

The complex legacy of George Gascón

first_imgOn Jan. 9, 2011, Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed his police chief, George Gascón — a man who had never tried a case and earned a J.D. in his 40s from the unaccredited law school he attended in the off hours he wasn’t working as a Los Angeles cop — as district attorney of San Francisco.So, that was a bit of a surprise. Email Address Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Assessing a DA’s effectiveness isn’t always so simple. As anyone who’s ever watched Law & Order knows, in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders (these are their stories. KUNG-KUNG). To wit, Gascón’s opponents have claimed that he’s fallen down on the job, as the number of felony and misdemeanor prosecutions has fallen. The tally of prosecutions has indeed fallen. And yet, recall the Law & Order mantra: Two separate yet equally important groups (these are their stories. KUNG-KUNG). The DA is now charging (and convicting) fewer cases because the San Francisco Police Department is making fewer arrests. A lot fewer arrests. And this comes while serious crime has skyrocketed in this city (violent crime is down but property crime is off the hook). In 2010, San Francisco was the site of 40,670 reported serious crimes, resulting in 7,344 arrests — an 18 percent clip. And yet, by 2015, this city was the site of 61,245 serious crimes, but only 5,764 arrests. That’s just 9 percent. The San Francisco Police Department has stopped making arrests — and it stopped making arrest totals easily accessible after 2016. But, adding up month-by-month reports provided by the department, last year there were 65,879 serious crimes here, but only 6,983 arrests (10.6 percent). In short, the SFPD registered hundreds more arrests in 2010 (under Police Chief Gascón, incidentally), even with 25,000 fewer reported crimes. The DA can only charge the cases the SFPD sends his or her way. The SFPD’s arrest rate on auto break-ins remains at around 2 percent. The DA’s office prosecutes 85 percent of the car burglary cases it’s given. While we’re throwing around numbers, here are a few more: The DA’s 2017 charging rate of 57.5 percent is the highest since these statistics began being tracked in 2000. The conviction rate in the most recently recorded fiscal year is 77 percent. None of this is to say that Gascón deserved to hold his office by fiat or that his challengers lack merit. We are all the poorer for not hearing a policy-based debate between the DA and his rivals. Because, with Gascón out of the picture, he becomes what the Police Officers Association and other maniacal critics have long strived to make him: the bogeyman for all that’s wrong with crime and punishment in this city. No elected official is above reproach, but many of the allegations leveled against Gascón simply do not mesh with the aforementioned statistics. But that doesn’t mean these arguments won’t take hold. Or haven’t already.Attorney Adante Pointer, center, spoke to press to comment on District Attorney George Gascon’s decision to not file charges against police officers in two separate shooting incidents. He represents the families of Mario Woods and Luis Gongora Pat. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.Friday was a rough day for democracy in the United States. But a Chicago jury did convict former officer Jason Van Dyke of second-degree murder for the shooting of teenager Laquan McDonald — as well as 16 counts of aggravated battery; one for every shot he fired at the 17-year-old. So, it can be done.  By then, a video of Gascón and profane anti-police violence protesters winging trash at one another after they confronted him on his own front steps was already making the rounds. Anger over police officers gunning down citizens with impunity is fantastically understandable. But directing that anger monomaniacally at Gascón can only get you so far. Chicago notwithstanding, any prosecutor hoping to convict a cop in a shooting case is facing a nigh-impossible burden of proof. And that’s by design. The law is meant to allow for police impunity. The law is unfair. This country is unfair. This should come as no surprise to anyone born before Friday. Or since.It is, sadly, all too plausible that Gascón has failed to charge any cops in shooting cases because of the obscene deference with which they are treated under the law. Anger at Gascón and Gascón alone is akin to smacking a television because you don’t like the show playing on it. Eventually you may break that television, but you haven’t put that show off the air. And yet, to a degree, this is a situation Gascón brought upon himself. He cast himself as a reformer, vowing to take on city corruption — including the ongoing scourge of young people of color being shot by SFPD officers. Yet he, more than most, knew what the law was. He, more than most, knew what one DA could and could not do. Nobody your humble narrator spoke with saw reason to doubt the veracity of Gascón’s claim his family considerations drove him from the race. That’s all but surely a factor. But so is the fact that this race would have been a brawl. And that’s not to say the incumbent couldn’t have won. But, even if he had, it would have been a knock-down, drag-out affair in which his morals and competence and would have been publicly impugned. And a second full-time job. It’s in this context that claims of family pressure sound more plausible. “I am very sorry to see that George is not going to run,” said Matt Gonzalez, the chief attorney in the public defender’s office — who enjoys a sheepdog and coyote relationship with the DA. “I think that history is going to be very good to him in terms of the positions he took.”  And that may yet be so. But, in the short term, Gascón found himself in a literal garbage fight with sanctimonious visitors to his private residence. In the future, that will be someone else’s concern. Last week, Gascón said enough’s enough. San Francisco’s real-life former top cop belatedly heeded the advice of his fictional forbearer: A man’s got to know his limitations.center_img For the DA, who withdrew from the race last week, describing his accomplishments for voters figured to be a challenge. Describing his legacy for posterity will be, too. On Oct. 2, 2018, two-term incumbent DA Gascón abruptly announced he would not seek re-election, citing family opposition and the failing health of his 90-year-old mother. Unless you’re related to Gascón or situated within his innermost circle, this, too, was a bit of a surprise (it certainly blindsided all of his declared opponents).  And there was no shortage of surprises in the 2,823 days in between. Newsom did (and does) have a taste for flashy, out-of-the-box, attention-grabbing — but ultimately superficial — acts. Appointing Gascón out of left field was, most certainly, a flashy, out-of-the-box, attention-grabbing move. But it was not superficial. The past seven years and nine months have been a consequential time and Gascón has played a consequential role. And a counterintuitive one. The former cop, former Republican, and erstwhile legal naif may, legitimately, be the most progressive DA this city has ever had. Whether it’s moving away from cash bail, de-emphasizing incarceration for nonviolent offenders, reintegrating prisoners into society, pushing for funds to be invested in mental health services instead of jails, expunging marijuana convictions, or advocating for undocumented immigrants, Gascón’s c.v. is full of things San Francisco voters ought to like. But it’s not at all clear they like George Gascón. The incumbent was, clearly, facing a pitched battle to keep his job. Leading contender Suzy Loftus — city native, mother of three, former DA and Attorney General prosecutor — is running with the enthusiastic backing of her former boss Sen. Kamala Harris and Mayor London Breed. As soon as this week Nancy Tung, a former prosecutor under Harris and Gascón, may pull papers to run; she would be another credible female candidate and — bluntly — the only Chinese American up for the job in a city with a hefty Chinese voting bloc. Gascón’s problem, or at least one of them, was that he was never able to define himself — to the media, to voters, and, not insignificantly, to the City Family that runs this town — as the guy who pushed for all of the above. Rather, to the city’s left, focused to the exception of all else on police shootings, he was the guy who, repeatedly, failed to bring charges against killer cops. To the city’s right, he was the guy who, resplendently, fumbled the Kate Steinle shooting case. All the while, Gascón was caught up in a series of running battles with his successors atop the San Francisco Police Department and their bellicose union — which, to too many, came off as an internecine pissing contest undertaken while the rest of the city trudged through streets ankle deep in shattered car windows. For Gascón, describing his accomplishments for voters figured to be a challenge. Describing his legacy for posterity will be, too.last_img read more

SAINTS Assistant Coach Jamal Lolesi has been fined

first_imgSAINTS Assistant Coach Jamal Lolesi has been fined £500 after the RFL found him guilty of using foul and abusive language towards a match official during a Super League fixture against Salford City Reds on March 22, 2013.Lolesi, who pleaded guilty to the charge, was deemed to be in breach of Operational Rule D1.8 (c) (Prejudicial Conduct) and the RFL Respect Policy.Lolesi was instructed to pay £250 immediately with a further £250 suspended until the end of the 2014 season.last_img

JORDAN Turner wont let his personal Magic Weekend

first_imgJORDAN Turner won’t let his personal Magic Weekend hoodoo get in the way of overcoming Warrington Wolves this Sunday at St James’ Park in Newcastle.The centre, who has previously played for Salford Red Devils and Hull FC, hasn’t been on a winning side in a Magic Weekend match during his nine-year career.But he is confident that the First Utility Super League champions can clinch their first win at the two-day event since 2010.“I’m aware that I haven’t personally won a Magic Weekend game, but I don’t really think about that,” he said. “It’s not really about that I’ve never won at a Magic Weekend fixture, that doesn’t worry me at all. I’m pretty confident that we can get the job done no matter where we play whether it’s at Langtree Park or at an away ground or Newcastle.“We’re a confident bunch so we’ll be looking to put in a good performance on Sunday.”Saints are currently three points behind Leeds and Turner isn’t fazed by the pressure that comes with being champions.“We thrive on the pressure of being champions,” he continued. “It’s a good pressure to have to be champions and that everyone wants to beat you.“In another sense, last year’s gone so we’re not really thinking about that, we’re just focused on this year and trying our best to win it again this year.“I think the occasion’s fantastic. I’ve played in some magnificent stadiums such as the Etihad, Millennium Stadium and Murrayfield, so I’ve been quite privileged to have gone on to do that and it’s different from your weekly game, there’s a carnival atmosphere which only comes round once a year.“I really do enjoy the weekend and it’ll be better if we can get a win.”last_img read more

The game will be played on Sunday August 5 at 123

first_imgThe game will be played on Sunday August 5 at 12:30pm with ticket details to be announced shortly.Conducting the draw was Belle Voci, the UK’s fresh and exciting opera duo, who are set to perform ‘Abide with Me’ at this year’s Ladbrokes Challenge Cup final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday August 25.The semi-finals will be played for the first time as a double header event at the Macron Stadium in Bolton on Sunday.Warrington will take on Leeds in the other semi final.last_img

Healthcare on wheels for veterans

first_img A demonstration was provided to give veterans a better idea of services TED can provide.The mobile van enhances patient access for many vets who might not have their doctors nearby, but with the virtual technology it makes visits much easier.Telehealth Education Specialist Leslie Fernyhough said this is the future of medicine.Related Article: D-Day 75: Nations honor veterans, memory of fallen troops“Vets have a tendency to like to live in remote areas, which is great for peace and quite, but it’s not great for having access to ya know different kind of medical specialties. So what telehealth allows for the provider to see the patient closer to home,” Fernyhough said.Fernyhough also said the VA has done surveys on TED and so far has had more than 90% approval ratings. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Healthcare goes virtual. Today a van rolled into town to show how telehealth can have a positive effect on veterans.TED, which stands for Telehealth Education Delivered, made a stop at the Wilmington VA Health Center to help show what health services and equipment are available.- Advertisement – last_img read more

State House approves funding for DEQ to research GenX other studies as

first_img Chairman Ted Davis says the bill gives more than $2 millions for technology to identify and record GenX and other contaminants.“Without that machine those agencies especially DEQ cannot address the emerging contaminants that might be in our rivers and other sources of our drinking water,” said Chairman Davis (R) of New Hanover County.The House approved of the bill unanimously 116-0.Related Article: Cooper out to rally Democrats seeking more legislative wins“I’ve been told that after that by people that have been here a lot longer than I have and a long time that this is the first time that they could ever remember an environmental piece of legislation passing the House unanimously,” Davis said.The bill also will allow the department of environmental quality to hire personnel to operate the machine.“That bill had everything that DEQ Secretary Regan had asked for,” said Davis.The DEQ must share water quality data with neighboring states and compare it. It also asks that air quality be looked at for GenX. Lastly it asks the UNC School of Government to study if water utilities could be held liable for providing contaminated drinking water under certain conditions. All of this though is in limbo now as the bill needs a vote from the State Senate.“I can only hope that they take it as seriously as the House of Representatives have,” said Davis.WWAY reached out to state senators Bill Rabon (R) Brunswick and Michael Lee (R) New Hanover. We are still waiting to hear back from our local state senators. Tonight Senate leader Phil Berger did tell media he will not bring the bill up for a vote until the General Assembly’s short session in May. The bill as is asks for everything to be in place to study GenX by June. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The State House unanimously approved to send millions of dollars to the Department of Environment Quality for GenX research. This is the first time the state has moved funds to the DEQ for GenX related issues.The House has allocated money before for GenX research, but requested that specifically be done by UNCW and the CFPUA.- Advertisement – last_img read more