West tax to strengthen the norms of the Sea Lake Road wholesale market individual collection

The sea lake road as the province’s largest wholesale market of vegetables and agricultural and sideline products trading venues, industry personnel complex, tax awareness. The previous annual tax income of less than 60 thousand yuan, become dead and difficulties in tax collection and management of individual

Sea Lake Road as the province’s largest wholesale market of vegetables and agricultural and sideline products trading venues, industry personnel complex, tax awareness. The previous annual tax income of less than 60 thousand yuan, become dead and difficulties in tax collection and management of individual. To reverse the passive situation of the west to rent to Mopai inventory market traders to the actual situation, be arranged, register to carry out work to identify the starting point, firmly in control of trafficking in wholesale tax collection link, actively contact the public security, tax, market management and other departments to carry out joint remediation. At present, more than 80% of households have been included in the tax collection and management track. read more

The main channel of water diversion Ji Huang strive to achieve all through the end of next year

October 25th, the reporter cited from the first meeting of Huang Da Ji construction coordination leading group held was informed that our province cited the most difficult economic engineering engineering — Huang water diversion canal tunnel project in December 31, 2014 and strive to achieve all through.

it is understood that the yindajihuang project mainly by "general, two libraries, three channel", respectively is the water diversion canal, stone gorge reservoir, Heiquan reservoir, North Canal phase, the north channel two and west channel engineering. Among them, the main canal diversion Daban mountain tunnel length of 24.17 kilometers, is the most prominent big economic difficulties and the most hard Huang engineering. The project is the key to the success of the whole project. read more

Vocational skills training to achieve direct compensation

city occupation skills and occupation skill appraisal fee subsidies personal measures recently introduced, from the beginning of 2015, the single mode of our city occupation skill training from the previous free training, free training and change for the first two modes of training at their own expense reimbursement in parallel. At present, the city has selected 33 professional employment market demand a high degree of employee training will strong, 21 training institutions this year’s subsidy for personal training through public bidding to determine the form, and the community has been publicized. It is reported that the implementation of direct subsidies to the government funds to individual trainers, so that more career planning and career interests of urban and rural workers according to individual wishes to choose. read more

Two sessions creating a passenger the next tuyere where

create a customer is a hot word in 2015, and in 2016 of the two sessions in the country, the first appearance of a passenger, but also for everyone to explain, stand on the opportunity of the tuyere, entrepreneurs create what. I believe this speech for entrepreneurs will benefit from a look at it!

commercial meaning surplus

the average daily birth of 1.2 companies.

"13th Five-Year" plan draft, to further promote public entrepreneurship peoples to encourage innovation, the main types and development of new technologies, new products, new formats, new model, developing the new engine. read more

Xining City three funds Yajian 5% to invest in the people’s livelihood

Going abroad, official vehicles, official reception of the three funds, because of its specificity has been widely concerned by the community. In December 6th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, this year the city comprehensive public 415 units of "three books", Yajian general expenditure and reduce administrative cost, and has achieved three funds Yajian 5% goals from squeeze out of the money is to invest in the people’s livelihood. The city’s education layout adjustment, standardization of school construction needs funds, a new round of home appliances to the countryside policy subsidies, business incubator construction and urban and rural residents insurance mentioned standard all need financial support, this year according to the provincial government and the Provincial Department of Finance on the expenditure management three funding and public work arrangements, I clear we must implement the three funds Yajian 5% goals from the limited financial resources to squeeze more money wisely. To this end, the city fully disclosed the city, district (county) two and the first level budget units in 2012, three budget number of funds and in 2013, three budget number of 415. With the gradual disclosure of three funds, three funds management has been further strengthened. In 2012 three funding has to realize "zero growth", this year also achieved three funds Yajian target. Through the strict management of three funds, vigorously Yajian general expenditures, efforts to reduce administrative cost, limited financial resources to invest more in the people’s livelihood. From January to November this year, the city’s spending for the livelihood of the people reached 14 billion 60 million yuan, accounting for fiscal expenditure of $80.3%.   read more

Xining people respond to the conservation of endangered species initiative

what animals have died out in recent years? How can we protect these nature elves? From April 4th to 6, a campaign to recall the extinction of animals, the protection of endangered species as the theme of advocacy activities held at the Xining wildlife park. Activity just opened, many people in Xining on the initiative to sign the word.

reporter saw the scene, the activities of the exhibition illustrated, particularly attractive eye. The information on the extinction of the animals on the plate is striking: 120 species of mammals and 250 species of birds have ceased to exist since 1600. Twentieth Century Chinese extinct animal Xinjiang tiger, Przewalski’s horse, Saiga antelope, Taiwan Zhili clouded leopard, monkeys, deer, dolphins, Marabou stork small Lingmao, crested Shelduck etc.. A UNEP report shows: the world every minute 1 species extinction, there are 1 kinds of animal extinction every day, this is much higher than the natural rate of extinction "thousands of times the situation is grim warnings about the survival status and quality of life on earth. There are many reasons why some wild animals die out. read more

Sichuan high speed traffic today is significant

winter in Minhe County outside the mountain, two days before the snow has not melted, the weather is still some cold, but in Kawaguchi to dahejia (provincial) Expressway (hereinafter referred to as the Sichuan high speed), a car road sweeper is in full swing busy, they are making final preparations for high-speed Sichuan this traffic, people set up two Gansu Province Road of friendship, not only to the traffic conditions in eastern area of our province has improved, it is very important to improve the road network system has the meaning of the passage. Sichuan today 17 high-speed traffic. read more

The next 15 blocks will be greener and more beautiful

According to the municipal government on further speeding up urban greening construction notice autumn requirements, Xining city will invest 200 million yuan, square square, 13 street and the center of our city’s implementation of the upgrading project of landscape change. By then, the streets and the greening of the region will be greatly improved, so that the city of Xining, a street filled with a view of the green landscape.

key to upgrade the district is East Street, West Street, South Street, North Street, Jianguo Road, the Yellow River Road, 54 street, victory road, Qilian Road, Kunlun Road, new road, Lake Road, 71 Road, sunning Plaza and central square. In accordance with the nature of different regions and green city forestry departments and four districts are responsible for the implementation of.

autumn landscape upgrade project work in accordance with the increase in winter green quantity principle, focus on increasing the adjustment of planting evergreen tree, in order to ensure the survival rate of trees, autumn landscape improvement mainly in the skeleton tree planting flowers, shrubs and grass planting land will be arranged in the spring of next year. As of now, the district has completed the design of construction work in full, the preparatory work has been carried out simultaneously tender seedlings; the Yellow River Road, Lake Avenue, 71 Road, Jianguo Road, Qilian Road, sunning Plaza, Central Plaza has begun construction fences, trees, trees, pruning and adjust disease clean-up work is carried out.   read more

Thailand cultural tourism exhibition held in Xining

October 19th, 20, by the Thailand National Tourism Administration, the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau jointly organized by the Thailand cultural tourism exhibition held in Xining.

During the period of

, Thailand province tourism industry and I held in Xining (Lanzhou) to Thailand charter will promote mutual promotion in tourism resources, both part of the travel agency is sending tourists signed a cooperation agreement. In recent years, the rich characteristics of Thailand cultural tour has attracted more and more tourists in Qinghai at the same time, great beauty of Qinghai Thailand people’s attraction to the magnificent mountains and rivers is also enhanced, while in the Qinghai inbound tourist source list has not yet entered Thailand before ten, but the two travel operators that Thailand and Qinghai natural culture the difference between great tourism resources, expand the tourist market there is a big potential market, with convenient air route enhancement, space tourism cooperation increase. (author: Zhang Lifeng) read more

The tenth Chinese international organic food fair in our province exhibit complete Tibetan Plateau o

5 25, the reporter saw at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, the province’s booth at the Tenth China International Organic Food Expo has been set up complete. In the 3 day of the exhibition, there will be 9 exhibitors in our province, and the introduction of sheep meat and aquatic products in two major categories of more than and 70 varieties of products, organic food net of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau will once again by shanghai.

today, the China Green Food Development Center and the Nuremberg International Expo Group Co sponsored by the China International Organic Food Expo, has become Asia’s most influential organic products trade event. read more