Xining health supervision department before the food hygiene inspection 84 illegal businesses checke

The afternoon of September 28th, the City Health Bureau of health supervision to the news units informed before national food hygiene inspection, inspection of the Communist Party of China pointed out that in the investigation of illegal business 80, a fine of 14, the penalty amount of 11760 yuan.The

bulletin said, in order to ensure that the people live a healthy, happy and peaceful National Day, effectively protect the masses of people’s health, the Municipal Health Bureau according to the emergency notice requirements, from September 17th to September 28th, a total of 300 food business units and the festival for weddings and collective dining units the intensive supervision and inspection. Among them, the catering industry 134 households, 12 households food supermarket (shopping mall), "five small industries 154.

from the inspection situation, the vast majority of units in line with health requirements. However, there are also individual units of raw and cooked food mix, tableware disinfection form or their repeated cleaning disposable tableware disinfection, after disinfection or even directly used by customers, and employees have no "health certificate" posts and other illegal phenomenon. According to the unit and individual problems in the inspection, inspection personnel in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the corresponding administrative penalties, including warning, ordered rectification 80, a fine of 14 households, a total of 11760 yuan, and the confiscation does not comply with the hygiene requirements of food and food additives 86 kilograms, also there are many problems and some new check in the catering industry, because of its weak awareness of food hygiene, health management lax, held a special catering relevant person in charge of food hygiene knowledge and related laws and regulations knowledge training.

through the inspection to further purify the festival food market, the food safety hazards likely were corrected, provides a good dining environment and food safety during the festival, the majority of people go out dining party. It is reported that during the two sessions, the agency will also organize inspectors to carry out inspections. (author: Cara)


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