The Municipal Seismological Bureau held the seismic safety of rural residence construction knowledge

September 9th, City Council joint Seismological Bureau of Huangyuan County Construction Office organized earthquake safe construction training class". Huangyuan County, a total of more than 40 cadres in charge of rural housing construction and construction workers attended the training.
the training by Luo Chunyan of Qinghai University teachers. Simple explanation of the two or three storey masonry structure of the seismic structure of the main points, the role of seismic structure in the performance of the housing, how to do a good job of economic and reasonable seismic fortification work. After class I Bureau to participate in training staff presented the earthquake knowledge brochures and jointly published by the Municipal Seismological Bureau, Municipal Construction Committee of the "Xining rural residential earthquake safety promotion Atlas".
for a period of time, the Municipal Seismological Bureau will continue to combine rural renovation project in three counties, to strengthen the publicity, improve training, and actively provide Rural Residential Seismic technical services, service of new rural construction, and promote rural residential earthquake safety project.



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