The inferior toxic melamine tableware in Xining city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau will prosecute

recently, melamine tableware originally beautiful and durable and highly favored by CCTV disclosure of alleged carcinogens, followed by state quality inspection administration as investigation object. So, how to use and sale of our province melamine tableware? In April 27th, the reporter visited the Yiwu business city, Yidong trade city and Hualian Supermarket stores etc..

walked into the hall two floor of Yiwu International Trade City, only selling tableware stalls on them, the size of the riotous with colour imitation bowls, dishes, such as tableware, the tableware looks gorgeous color, smooth feel, but there is no 80% dishes on the QS quality and safety certification mark, but not many tableware manufacturers such as signs, only English letters and certificates of homemade manufacturers. When asked if there is no QS logo tableware is safe, a vendor turned around impatiently, simply ignore reporters. The reporter then saw in Hualian Supermarket, although most of the supermarket on melamine tableware are affixed with the QS logo, but there is no sign of some melamine tableware.

According to the

mall shopping guide staff, since the melamine tableware was exposed, the mall melamine tableware sales fell two to 30%. It is the supermarket to buy Porcelain Tableware MS Ho said: "while the selection of tableware bowl was worried easily broken, I give the children are using the imitation porcelain bowl, two days before the hearing people say" imitation bowl poison ", today as soon as possible to buy a ceramic bowl. Tableware is small, but the relationship between children’s health, not the effect of ah."

April 28th, the reporter visited the provincial capital of fast-food restaurants found that many fast-food restaurants are using melamine tableware. Mo street a restaurant owner said, due to the use of disinfection bowl cost is high, so the melamine tableware became many restaurants preferred. "Melamine tableware with beautiful appearance, it is also more convenient." When asked about the purchase of melamine tableware to pay attention to whether or not QS mark, many restaurant owners said they generally buy love looks good, suitable for restaurants to use tableware, as for other issues, they do not consider.

according to the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision related parties, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of consumers, in April 14th, the State Quality Inspection Administration issued an emergency notice requirements, the national quality supervision system from now on, carried out the inspection of law enforcement action a month of melamine tableware production and processing enterprises, and severely punish unauthorized production behavior, melamine tableware in the production of melamine tableware used in processing of urea, formaldehyde, resin does not meet the requirements of the national standard of raw material behavior and forgery, fraudulent use of the name and address of a factory and quality mark violations. Because at present our province no melamine tableware production enterprises, market circulation mainly by the Department of industry and Commerce inspection.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Xining city official said, the business sector will focus on the recent inspection of melamine tableware market, is currently the preparatory work and the specific arrangements.



in the purchase of melamine tableware, melamine tableware preferred and affixed with a QS mark number, in order to ensure the safety of products; to buy Tableware and try not to buy significantly;

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