Qinghai the average daily new market players 201

12 month 7 days, reporters from the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that, as of the end of November, the province’s total of 328 thousand and 300 types of market players, the registered capital of 838 billion 382 million yuan. At present, the province’s average daily new market players 201, thousands of people with a market main body of 56, thousands of people have a business of 13, compared with the previous reform has been significantly improved. Since the 2014 commercial system reform, the province’s new market players 184 thousand, accounting for the total number of market players of the total number of 56%.

2014 since March, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Province in accordance with the State Council, the provincial government major decisions on the deployment of commercial system reform, have issued a series of supporting system, and actively implement the annual inspection reform, the main body of the market after the first card photo change after the first photo card, a simple registration audit one ", simplify residence the registration procedures and other reform initiatives, greatly reduce the access threshold, save cost, improve the efficiency of registration, the enterprise registration zero barrier, effectively stimulate the market and the vitality of social entrepreneurship.

at the same time, around the "to build our province become the target of national administrative approval at least provinces", vigorously promote administrative approval, decentralization and cancel adjustment, has promulgated the No. 101st, No. 104, No. 109 government, will more than 220 before the reform of business registration pre-approval is reduced to 29, accounting for only the original the 13%, the 157 to the post industrial and commercial registration approval again reduced to 135, reduced by nearly 15%, to maximize the business autonomy and returned to the main market.

"by grasping the reform and innovation, grasping the regulatory services, the province’s comprehensive deepening of the reform of the commercial system, effectively released the vitality of the market, broaden the employment channels, but also to promote the adjustment of industrial structure." According to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, since the commercial system reform, the main market growth, new enterprises the average growth rate of over 20%. Private enterprises and labor-intensive small and micro enterprises have been rapid growth, creating more jobs. In the newly registered enterprises, the proportion of the third industry continues to improve, to promote the province’s economic structure optimization and upgrading, the province continued to improve the business environment.

in the future, the province will continue to deepen the Industrial and Commercial Bureau "after the first photo card reform, in consolidating and improving enterprises" five one, according to a code, individual industrial and commercial households "two card integration" on the basis of the effectiveness of the reform, to explore the implementation of multi card one, according to a code of reform. Steadily promote enterprises to choose the name of the work, the full liberalization of the enterprise name library, cancel the pre-approval of the enterprise name. The innovation of enterprise registration model to promote online registration, to speed up the implementation of full electronic business registration, and further optimize the market access mechanism, to provide a more relaxed market environment for innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples.


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