Big trade deficit with China not sustainable in long run Commerce ministry

first_imgNew Delhi, Sept 24 (ANI): Commerce Ministry said that the widening trade deficit with China is a matter of concern and not sustainable in the long run, as representatives from both countries met to explore greater business opportunities between the countries. India-China Business Matchmaking Symposium in New Delhi was organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Trade Development Bureau (TDB) of China, in the backdrop of exponential growth in the trade sector between the two countries in the last few years. The Chinese business delegation headed by Vice Director General of Chinese Trade Development Bureau (TDB) Jia Guoyong consisted of delegates from various sectors of business and trade.last_img read more

Telangana intermediate results 2019 goof up Netizens hold KCR responsible 8 students

first_imgScreenshot of TSBIE websiteThe goof up of the Telangana intermediate results 2019 has landed Chief Minister KCR aka K Chandrasekhar Rao in a big mess with many people holding him responsible the suicide of eight students.The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) declared the results of the Intermediate / Class 12 on April 18. But the results of many were found to be faulty, which landed students, their parents and entire family members in deep distress. Some students including the nephew of TDP leader and Rajya Sabha MP CP Ramesh committed suicide as they failed to clear the intermediate examination.On April 22, the opposition parties held a protest and demanded a judicial probe with a sitting judge of high court into the declaration of the TSBIE results. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who got alerted by this dharna, had a meeting with officials and Education minister Jagdish Reddy on April 22 nd set up a committee to inquire into the handling of the process by a private IT firm called Globarena Technologies.While the probe is underway, more students went on to take extreme step, which sent shock waves across the state. Many people including some celebs condemned the Telangana government for its failure. Meanwhile, they also requested students not to commit suicide for not fault of theirs.Director Maruthi had tweeted, “Dear Students Exams R not judges of our skills & future. I am average at studies but later became topper in animation, studies didn’t made me director but my passion towards films. So don’t loose heart, Dear parents train ur children to face Life, don’t pressure/bother abt exams My deepest condolences to all the families of intermediate students who lost their lives. It’s very sad to see they loose their precious life because some one else mistake :(“Two days passed after setting up the committee, but it is come out with the reports and government is yet to take any action. Amidst this, another student has lost his life today and he is eight to commit suicide in six days. Journalist Suresh Kondi‏ tweeted, “OMG..Another sucide..!! It’s getting worse.. What’s happening in sir..@KTRTRS @TelanganaCMO R U there..? #InterBoard #intermediateResults.”Many people, who are upset with Telangana government, blasted KCR today again. Film critic Hemanth Kumar CR‏ wrote, “The Telangana Government has to own up moral responsibility for the shoddy job of the Intermediate education board. The students become ineligible to sit for other competitive exams, when they fail. It is heartbreaking to read about so many students committing suicides.”Hemanth Kumar added, “We could all talk about how your marks don’t really make a difference in the long term, but before that, the govt and education dept can’t rob students of their opportunities for no fault of theirs. There has to be some accountability too.”Political analyst Anshul Saxena tweeted, “Do you know how many Students have committed suicide in last 48 hours in Telangana after the results of intermediate (plus 2)? 6 students. Huge protests are going on & Many students allege careless evaluation of answer sheets. But No Media debates and KCR Govt is also sleeping.”last_img read more

Ananya Panday I want to act with Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor

first_imgAnanya PandayInstagramShe is young, spunky, confident and rather frank in her chat with the media for Student of the Year 2 (SOTY 2), her acting debut in Bollywood. So when Ananya Panday, actor Chunky Panday’s daughter, tells us that she looks up to Alia Bhatt as her role model in Bollywood, we are not surprised and we know she is following in the right footsteps. Like Alia Bhatt, who made her debut in Karan Johar’s production and directorial Student of the Year, Ananya Panday makes her debut in SOTY 2. The sequel is produced by Dharma Productions and directed by Punit Malhotra.International Business Times, India speaks to Ananya Panday on her experience working in her debut film, her first co-star Tiger Shroff, her upcoming projects, being an industry kid and her father Chunky Panday’s struggle, and her bestie Suhana Khan.Ananya also speaks about working with Tiger Shroff and Will Smith, and not getting a chance to work with her favourite Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra. Ananya, who is rather popular on Instagram, also reveals how she tackles trolls. Excerpts from the chat.IBTIMES: This is your debut film and first experience of promoting a film. How has been the experience?Ananya Panday: We’re just back from shooting for Super Dancer (the dance reality show). This is my first promotional, so I’m excited for everything. Karan Johar gave me the title ‘Keen Kumari’ on Koffee with Karan. So, I’m really taking that forward and I’m the enthu cutlet of the group. I’m very excited about the promotions and all these firsts that I’m having for my debut SOTY 2, like my first song launch, first trailer launch first city visit and so on. I’m never gonna get this time again, so I’m just making the most of it.Tell us about your character in Student of the Year 2. Did you audition for the role with Dharma Productions? Student of the Year 2 poster.TwitterMy character’s name is Shreya. She’s very feisty and won’t take no for an answer. She fights for what she thinks is right, but is a little misunderstood. I’m quite similar to my character.The first time I heard the script of SOTY 2 was in this room (where the interview was being conducted at Dharma), so it’s weird – I’ve not come here after that. I gave an audition in another room and it was a very scary, ‘cos I thought Karan Johar will be there. But he wasn’t there and later saw the audition video of my two scenes, and the team really liked it.At the time, I was just 18 and on my way to USC (University of Southern California) to study media and communication. I was being practical that if I don’t get through the audition of SOTY 2, I would study and then maybe come back and pursue acting. If I hadn’t landed SOTY 2, I don’t know which film would’ve been my debut. Being young, there are not many roles that I could do. But I cleared the auditions and once I knew I was part of the film, I stayed back.Have you trained as an actor in a film school?I’ve always wanted to be an actor, but I’m not a trained actor. I’ve just played ‘acting games’ with Suhana Khan (Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter) and Shanaya Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter), imitating our moms Gauri, Bhavna and all. (Smiles) I’ve pursued drama in school. Since my grandparents were doctors and I love biology as a subject, I almost had this moment in life when I thought I’ll be a doctor. But no, acting is my calling. I’m a very filmi bachcha.SOTY 2 releases on May 10. Are you nervous about your Bollywood debut? Are you ready for the comparisons with the original Student of the Year?I’m actually very excited. I was nervous before the trailer launch. But now, I’m just waiting for people to watch it. We’ve worked so hard and for so long. There’s so much love attached to this film. I think it’s natural that people are gonna compare the two films, since it’s a franchise. And the first three students have such a big, massive fan-following. It’s normal to compare, but SOTY 2 is a very different film, so I don’t know what points audiences will compare it on. I hope they like our film as well.What was the advice from Karan Johar for SOTY 2?Karan asked me whose career I looked up to in the industry and who I aspired to be, and I said, ‘Alia Bhatt’. She’s my absolute favourite since the start. I’m not trying to be like Alia or follow what she’s done, but I really admire her. Karan told me, ‘You do you’. Alia is where she is because she has been herself and always made her own decisions, and done different things, which people have appreciated. Alia Bhatt with Ananya Panday.InstagramHow were your preparations for SOTY 2?I’m very lucky that my first film was with Tiger Shroff. I really had to keep my energy levels high and up my game in dance. I’ve learnt from Tiger Shroff now, but I really had to practice my steps, ‘cos he was always practicing, even if there were two minutes in between shots.Apart from Tiger Shroff, how was it shaking a leg with Hollywood star Will Smith?I missed not shaking a leg with Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra, the original stars in Student of the Year. Will Smith was a good alternative to that. There was so much hype before he entered the set and everyone was quiet. Once he came in, it was even more magical. He’s such a lovely person and didn’t have any airs about him. Between shots, he didn’t behave like some star, although he has every right to. That’s something we all need to learn from him.You belong to a film family and enjoy certain privileges. Do you think about it?I’m well aware of my privilege, like I’ve said on KWK, too that I know I belong to a film family. But for me it’s been like, my father was a huge star before I was born. After I was born, he took a break from those big films. I have seen ups and downs in his career, and know well enough not to take advantage of anything. I also auditioned for this film, and this has been my dream as well. So, I don’t think it’s fair to take that away from me. I don’t want to take anything away from my father as well, because he’s worked so hard and got a lot of respect and love in the industry. Wherever I go, it’s always about my father. So, I don’t want any negative attachments associated with my dad because of me. I think I just have to work doubly hard and find my place in people’s hearts.Do you follow your father Chunky Panday’s work?I love his film Aankhein because I love Govinda and his chemistry in the film. It’s amazing. I love his recent films like Housefull. I’ve not watched a lot of his old films, but now I should!What advice did your father give you before you entered the industry?He didn’t give any advice, because he knows that the times are very different now. Even if he tries, our generation is too different from theirs, so it might not be applicable right now. But I’ve learnt a lot from his behavior and that he has always stayed the same person in spite of failures and successes. He is always ready to laugh at himself. The fact that he never got affected by failure or trolling helps me, I’m also taking the trolling in a positive way. Thick skin is in our family.What do you have to say about Suhana Khan’s acting debut in Bollywood? Ananya Panday, Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor.InstagramSuhana’s going to NYU (New York University) for studying acting and I think that’s amazing. She is such a good actor, if you’ve seen her videos online. I’ve always seen her act and loved how she is. We don’t have any serious conversations about acting. We’re like sisters so, it’s the fun and fluffy stuff. But if anyone is making a film on three best friends, please cast Suhana, Shanaya and I – maybe a Dil Chahta Hai 2!Suhana and Shanaya were so excited seeing me in the SOTY 2 trailer. I don’t think they can believe it that I’m actually in a film. Even I can’t believe it! When I saw the trailer, I thought it was someone else’s film, but then I realised it’s us on the screen. It’s not sunk in yet. We always send each other pictures on the Charlie’s Angels group that we have on WhatsApp. There’s just so much love around SOTY 2.How does it feel when fans shout out your name during promotions?We have Tiger with us, so everyone’s screaming for Tiger! So, we (Tara and Ananya) are just like, ‘Hi, please notice us. We’re also here’. Most of the attention of fans is with Tiger and I’m happy. We’re very lucky that we’ve such a big star. He’s so humble and the attention he is getting is crazy. We’re just getting a small part of it. I hope that one day I will get the same.How did you land a role in Pati, Patni Aur Who? Taapsee Pannu was supposed to play a part in in the film, but was dropped without notice. Any comments?They saw me in a Lakme ad and that is how I landed the role. Actors in general, and I, don’t get involved in the casting process. I think the role that Taapsee was supposed to do was the one Bhumi Pednekar is doing. I don’t think she lost the role because Taapsee is an outsider. I think talent speaks…I’d love to work with Taapsee Pannu one day.We guess this grounded nature comes to Ananya Panday from her family.My mom gives me a reality check. She’s been through my father’s ups and downs, so now she knows how it is. When you are in that storm, like my dad was, my mom saw it from the outside.How do you react to the various memes around SOTY 2 on social media?I love it! Since Koffee with Karan only my expressions have become memes. I love sharing them and put them out on my (Instagram) Stories and they’re really funny.Will you be choosy about your films?I don’t think I ever want to take a break. I don’t think I want to not be in front of people’s eyes for a long time, because I feel that people’s attention span is short. So, I wanna make sure I do as much good work as I can. I don’t want to take it easy or take things lightly. I just want to keep working and keep being visible to people.last_img read more

Building the road ahead Tata Motors Q1 profit rises 42 to Rs

first_imgTata MotorsReutersAutomaker Tata Motors on Wednesday reported 42 percent rise in net profit to Rs 3,182 crore in June ended quarter of 2018 fiscal against Rs 2,260.40 crore in the corresponding quarter last year, the company said in an exchange filing.The auto major, owned by the software-to-salt conglomerate Tata Group, said its total income fell about 10 percent to Rs 59,972 crore during the quarter versus Rs 66,339 crore, same quarter a year ago. After announcing results, the company said, “First quarter results have not met our expectations.”Volume sales, including exports of commercial and passenger vehicles for the quarter stood at 1,11,860 units, down 11.8 percent when compared to the corresponding quarter last year, the statement said.In the domestic market, there has been significant de-growth in the medium and heavy commercial vehicles segment, flat light commercial segment and moderate growth in passenger vehicles segment, the company said.On a standalone basis, Tata Motors posted a loss of Rs 467.05 crore for the June quarter of 2017-18 fiscal. It had registered a profit of Rs 25.75 crore in the same period of 2016-17. Total income from operations on a standalone basis during the quarter was at Rs 10,375.32 crore as compared to Rs 11,434.91 crore in the year-ago period, down 9.26 percent.Tata Motors said its operating performance broadly reflected Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)’s lower wholesale volumes excluding China JV and continuation of higher competitive incentive levels and launch and growth costs seen in FY17. The company made a one- time gain of Rs 3,609 crore related to the changes made to JLR pension plans.Tata Motors MD & CEO Guenter Butschek said: “While the first quarter results have not met our expectations, we are working with renewed focus and energy to improve performance of our commercial and passenger vehicle businesses.” Showroom attendants polish a Jaguar vehicle at a Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Mumbai February 13, 2013. Hit by falling margins and rising capital expenditure, roaring Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) may be heading for a speed trap. Rising investment is eating into the luxury carmaker’s cash pile and raising the prospect of fresh borrowing while falling profitability is set to tip parent Tata Motors into a first drop in profits in five quarters. Picture was taken February 13, 2013. REUTERS/Vivek Prakash (INDIA – Tags: BUSINESS TRANSPORT)ReutersBritish arm JLR reported a revenue of 5.6 billion pounds, up 244 million pounds. JLR’s profit before tax was 595 million pounds, up from 399 million pounds in the year-ago period. This included 437 million pounds one-off credit relating to recent changes designed to improve the sustainability of the company’s defined benefit pension plans, Tata Motors said.Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth said: “We continue to deliver rising volumes and revenues across the business, reflecting strong demand for new models such as the Range Rover Velar and established global award winners such as Jaguar F-PACE.”At Wednesday’s closing shares of Tata Motors are trading at Rs 416.75 a piece, down 3.17 percent, on BSE.last_img read more

Massive record toppled Virat Kohli reaches another major milestone many stalwarts fall

first_imgIt has been a set template for Indian captain Virat Kohli. He walks out to bat, assesses the situation, takes his time to get going and then hits his stride. What follows is a flawless innings and also a century. The scenario was much the same in the third ODI in Trinidad.India were chasing a stiff total and the openers were dismissed rather cheaply. However, it did not bother the skipper as he held fort and after Shai Hope dropped him early on in his innings, he did not make any other mistake. A 43rd ODI century followed and along the way, a plethora of milestones were passed.Kohli on the march Twitter/BCCIIn what can be termed as mind-boggling, Kohli became the first batsman to score 20,000 international runs in a single decade. Kohli now has 20,502 runs across all three formats of the game. Out of these 20,502, Kohli has scored 20,018 in the ongoing decade.Also, with this innings, the Indian captain now has 97 scores in excess of 50 which is the fifth most by any batsman in the history of the game.In this year, Kohli has 11 scores of more than 50 and holds the feat with Indian vice-captain Rohit Sharma. The skipper has enjoyed himself against the West Indies and now has 9 centuries against them in ODIs. This is the joint-most by an Indian batsman against any opposition in ODIs and holds the record with Sachin Tendulkar, who too has scored 9 centuries against Australia.The skipper was the difference between the two sides and for his century he was awarded the man of the match as well as the man of the series awards. Virat KohliIANSIt was a series which presented India with an opportunity to find few solutions to problems and they have certainly found good promise in Shreyas Iyer. However, Rishabh Pant’s temperament and the form of Shikhar Dhawan is a bit of a concern for the management, but as the captain said, the focus will now shift to Test cricket.”We want to have people take responsibility at different batting positions. But he (Iyer) certainly presented a strong case for himself. He completely played in full control and was putting pressure on the bowlers. Really good tempo, good really character. Thankfully, it’s not a fracture (about his injury), just a split on the nail in the front. I think I should be fine for the first Test,” the skipper said after the match.last_img read more

Dhaka concerned over US declaration recognising Jerusalem Israels capital

first_imgforeign ministryBangladesh has expressed deep concern at the recent announcement by the United States recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reports UNB.Bangladesh stressed on preserving the legal status of Jerusalem within the framework of relevant UN resolutions, according to a statement issued by the foreign ministry on Thursday.Bangladesh reaffirmed its position in favour of establishing the state of Palestine on the basis of the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.Bangladesh urged all parties concerned to take a pragmatic approach to the Middle East Peace Process in reaching a two state solution for peace and stability in the region.last_img read more

3 get lifeterm over Titu murder case

first_imgA Dhaka court on Tuesday sentenced three people to life term imprisonment for killing one Humayun Kabir Titu in Kadamtali area of Demra over enmity in 2010, reports UNB.Dhaka Speedy Trial Tribunal- 4 judge Abdur Rahman passed the order in the morning.All three lifers – Md Sohag alias Bara Sohag, Md Mamun Sheikh and Rabin Sheikh are on the run.The court also fined each of the convicts Tk 20,000 in default of which they would have to serve one year more in jail. The court acquitted three other accused in the case.According to the case statement, Titu was shot dead on 26 November in 2010 while he was returning to his home.last_img read more

Texas Dispensaries Unfazed By Sessions Rescinding Directive On Legalized Marijuana

first_img Share WIKI COMMONSU.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking aim at policies that keep federal law enforcement officials away from businesses selling pot in states that have legalized its use.Sessions has rescinded Obama-era directives that discouraged enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the substance. This comes as marijuana businesses in Texas prepare to sell a non-psychoactive cannabis oil approved by the state.CREDIT RYAN POPPE / TEXAS PUBLIC RADIOMorris Denton, CEO of Compassionate CultivationMorris Denton, CEO of Compassionate Cultivation, one of three marijuana dispensaries approved by Texas under the state’s Compassionate Use Act, doesn’t see his business becoming a target.“I don’t believe that Texas is going to fall anywhere near the ‘high-end of the priority list,’ ” Denton said. “I think the focus on this action is on states that have very broad and very open legal recreational market, and that’s not us. The cannabis that we grow is very low in THC.”THC is the psychoactive component that produces a “marijuana high.”Compassionate CultivationSessions’ directive doesn’t go into specifics about which states it will target or when.Heather Fazio, executive director for Texas’ Marijuana Policy Project, is calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to stand up and defend Texas’ Compassionate Use Act, the 2015 bill he signed into law.“The states are going to have to defend the policies they’ve put in place. Even though our program — the Compassionate Use program — is unreasonably restrictive, it is in violation of federal law,” Fazio said.Calls to the governor’s office and the state’s attorney general on whether or not they would defend the state’s law against federal prosecutions were not immediately returned.last_img read more

DC Excited About Possible Amazon 2nd Headquarters

first_imgThe prospect of Amazon placing its second headquarters in the District of Columbia has city residents enthusiastic about its potential economic and psychological impacts.On Jan. 18, Amazon officials released 20 cities that are on its list for the facility. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) said she is proud the District made the cut out of over 200 cities nationally and internationally.One of the areas Washington, D.C. put forward as possible location for Amazon’s HQ2 was Capitol Hill East. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)“As Washington, D.C. continues to grow and we continue to focus on creating pathways to the middle class for more Washingtonians, it would be a win for residents and the region to bring 50,000 high-paying jobs to the city,” Bowser said in a statement. “Making this list reaffirms what we already knew going into the bidding process – Washington, D.C. is no longer a one-company town, we are a leader in innovation and tech, brimming with top talent and endless opportunity.”In addition to the jobs, Amazon will invest $5 billion in development in the winning city.The company’s criteria for consideration include: more than one million residents, proximity to an international airport, manageable commutes, diverse demographics, connectivity and the quality of local schools for churning out potential employees.Amazon is headquartered in Seattle. It was founded on July 5, 1994 as an electronic commerce and computer clouding company by Jeff Bezos, who is among the world’s wealthiest individuals with an estimated value of $110 billion according to Forbes magazine.In the District, Bezos owns {The Washington Post} and its publications and one of the city’s most expensive mansions.Competing with the District are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, N.C. and Toronto. Montgomery County, Md. and Northern Virginia are local competitors for the second headquarters.Prince George’s County and Baltimore both put forth bids that weren’t selected. Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker III (D) endorsed Montgomery County’s bid adding that Amazon’s decision to have the three Washington-area sites “clearly recognizes the strength of the region.”The District’s bid has named four sites for the possible headquarters: Anacostia Riverfront, Capitol Hill East, NoMa-Union Station and Shaw-Howard University. It has been reported that the city will offer Amazon a corporate tax rate freeze and other tax credits and exemptions.Vincent Orange, a former D.C. Council member, is the president and CEO of the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Orange said in a statement to the AFRO that Amazon should pick the District. “Growth, jobs, opportunity, and prosperity awaits Amazon HQ2 in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.,” he said. “Our global city with vibrant, livable, walkable, and creative neighborhoods, excellent higher educational institutions, an extremely thriving tech sector, a growing and expanding business community, and a talented workforce awaits Amazon with open arms including an outstanding incentive package.”Marie Johns, former deputy administrator for the Small Business Administration during Obama’s presidency, told the AFRO that Amazon could be a good corporate partner in the city. “This is a beautiful city,” she said. “We have a talented workforce, a thriving business community, and the capacity to grow.”Johns said African Americans should be excited about Amazon’s possible presence. “There will be economic benefits in terms of jobs and contracting opportunities for small businesses,” she said. Johns said the company will also bring tax dollars to the city.Amazon is expected to announce its choice sometime this year.last_img read more

Local Research Center Launches Study of Black Peoples Brains

first_imgBy J. K. Schmid, Special to the AFROThe Lieber Institute for Brain Development announced the creation of the first African-American Neuroscience Research Initiative (AANRI) Monday.The Lieber Institute, a Baltimore nonprofit research center, boasts the largest repository of human brains in the world.Lieber also possesses the largest inventory of African-American brains in the world.Expanding a collection of African-American brains is hoped to give the AANRI expanded knowledge in the treatment of Black Americans andmitigate risks.The brains are used in research that explores the link between mind and body looking at physical characteristics of post-mortem brains to discover treatments for psychiatric and psychological ailments including post-traumatic stress and schizophrenia.“Research shows that African Americans are 20 percent more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general population, and twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease,” a March press release said. “Suicide rates for African-American children under the age of 13 are twice as high as children of European ancestry. African-American infant death rates and premature birth rates also are twice that of European ancestry Americans.”Expanding a collection of African-American brains is hoped to give the AANRI expanded knowledge in the treatment of Black Americans and mitigate risks.“Research has long been hampered by a lack of diversity in basic science and in clinical trials, particularly in the field of neuroscience,” the release reads. “For example, 81 percent of large-scale genomic datasets are of European descent, even though this group makes up less than 16 percent of the world population.”The social construct of race has long been critiqued in the medical community. Race may not matter, but “ancestry matters,” representatives of Lieber say.While genomics (the study of a complete set of DNA) research continues the history of humanity in the African continent, AANI focuses it work on the diaspora in the United States and throughout the Americas.The limited, that is, White, sampling of genomes (“full” patterns of DNA) exposes Black Americans to risks of suboptimal to dangerous drug interactions and other complications in the treatment of mental illness.Soliciting tissue from Black Americans is a fraught topic in the aftermath of the monstrous experiments in Tuskegee and violations of basic bodily autonomy and consent in the case of Henrietta Lacks. Lieber and AANI are taking careful conciliatory steps to make sure Baltimore’s Black community is invited into something that will be by and for Blacks.“My clergy colleagues and I have been studying the emerging science behind precision medicine and believe that this technology has potential for finding cures and treatments for diseases that uniquely affect African Americans,” Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway, Sr., principal of the African-American Clergy Medical Research Initiative, said in a statement. “This revolution in medicine has largely left behind ethnic minority groups like African Americans, and it is time to change this.”last_img read more

Can you talk Apple patent calls on iPhone status check system

first_img More information: Patentvia AppleInsider Credit: USPTO ( —An Apple iPhone invention would allow you to check the availability status of another iPhone user before you make the phone call. The advantage for the caller would be avoiding being dumped into voice mail without knowing when it would be a good time to call. The invention is not something available to Apple users; it is only a patent filing, which was published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The application was originally filed in February 2012. Inventors are named as Devrim Varoglu and Swapnil Dave. The patent title is “Methods to Determine Availability of User Based on Mobile Phone Status.” The status information might include more information than whether the person is free to take the call: Remaining battery life, time zone, current location, strength of the callee’s signal (if it is indicated that the remote mobile phone is in an area that does not have a good reception, the local user may decide not to call) and whether the callee is in some special mode—normal, vibrate, airplane. Explore further Anti-Spoofing Bill Would Protect Caller ID According to the patent, “if the remote mobile phone is operating in a vibration mode, a user of the local mobile phone may interpret that the user of the second mobile phone does not want to be called upon. In this example, the local user may defer calling or send an email or a text instead.”Apple’s patent would reduce uncertainty of how likely the callee would be able to return a call quickly, and the caller could decide, after viewing the status on screen, whether to complete the call or to use another communication mode such as email.On the callee’s side, the advantage might be a way to avoid rings that can interrupt an office meeting, or any other event.How it works: The iPhone owner sets preferences and user sharing policies on the iPhone, which then reports to the server at preset intervals. As such, the phone automatically reports the operating status and conditions to a server; the process is taking place in the background. On the caller’s side, the device would display the contact’s operating status data automatically. The patent makes note of why this would be advantageous as compared with conventional caller ID. “Caller ID service is conventionally available to provide a callee with limited information about a call for call screening purposes, with the callee usually having very few options to manage the call. In particular, for most callees, the only available actions are to accept the call or decline it by either not answering or allowing an answering machine or voice mail system to respond. The caller in such cases has no control over whether or not the call will be accepted.”More advanced Caller ID services can provide the callee with limited interaction with the caller to assist the call screening process, thereby giving both the caller and the callee more control over the call. However, despite the limited interaction, the caller still has no effective way of knowing when the callee is willing to accept their call.” © 2013 Citation: Can you talk? Apple patent calls on iPhone status check system (2013, August 23) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Representative García bill to protect students officers in school gains committee approval

first_img26Oct Representative García bill to protect students, officers in school gains committee approval Legislation sponsored by state Representative Daniela R. García, which maintain the safety of students in Michigan schools, was unanimously approved today by the House Education Reform Committee.García’s legislation ensures school resource officers (SROs) can quickly respond and resolve violent incidents in schools, without the restrictions implemented in the state’s restraint and seclusion legislation signed into law in 2016.“Without this bill, school resource officers would have to wait for a second officer to respond to an incident on school grounds,” said García, of Holland. “We had testimony from Officer Joe Soto, who works with Holland Public Schools. He explained to the committee that SROs are a key part of a school campus. They help provide safety to the students, teachers and administrators while having the ability to quickly defuse an incident, and we cannot surrender that responsibility because of an unforeseen circumstance of a year-old law.”School resource officers are contracted to a school district from a law enforcement agency in the region, as Officer Soto is to the local school district from the city of Holland Police Department. In addition to Officer Soto, Holland High School Assistant Principal Kevin Griffin also testified in support of García’s bill on Oct. 19.“The testimony that the committee heard from two key individuals in Holland Public Schools will benefit the safety of everyone in Michigan’s school districts,” said García, who is a member of the Education Reform Committee.House Bill 5126, after today’s unanimous vote in the House Education Reform Committee, advances to House for its consideration.### Categories: Garcia News,Newslast_img read more

Amazon is making Hysteria a new onehour drama st

first_imgAmazon is making Hysteria, a new one-hour drama starring Mena Suvari (American Beauty).The pilot will be made by Amazon Studios, Universal Television and Alcon Television, the TV arm of movie producer Alcon Entertainment.Suvari will play Dr Logan Harlen, a medic investigating an epidemic that is spreading through her home town of Austin, Texas. Shaun Cassidy (Blue Bloods, Invasion) will write and exec produce the series.“I can think of no better platform than Amazon to tell a story that explores the price of fear and the very real threat of viral connection becoming contagion,” said Cassidy.Hysteria joins the previously-announced dramas The Cosmopolitans, Really and Hand of God in Amazon’s upcoming third round of pilots. They will debut later this year on Amazon Instant Video with subscribers allowed to comment and rate them ahead of Amazon deciding which shows it will take to series.Amazon has already greenlit several comedy and kids shows. On the drama front, it has ordered The After, a mystery thriller from Chris Carter (The X-Files) and Bosch, the crime procedural based on the Michael Connelly book series.last_img read more

ADB is set to launch a new range of applicationsp

first_imgADB is set to launch a new range of application-specific software solutions at IBC, in a bid to address the “growing convergence” between TV and the Internet of Things (IoT).ADB Connected Solutions is a set of software solutions designed for personal and business TV and IoT and are based on ADB’s “clear vision for the future needs of the connected age.”The new portfolio is focused around personal TV and IoT and business TV and IoT. The personal TV part promises to deliver seamless TV experiences across any screen, while the IoT is designed to manage and unifies smart home applications.The business solutions are designed to deliver video and digital signage across different screens and locations, and improve the efficiency of critical business processes.“This is a new chapter for ADB – we are building on our past experience and securing our future. We have a strong vision in the new connected age and we are focused and committed to make this a reality for our customers and their consumers,” said Peter Balchin, CEO of ADB.“We believe that in an age of internet connectivity, there is a need for fast and reliable and cost-effective solutions that ensure consumers and businesses are always connected.”ADB has also launched ConnectedOS, a hybrid cloud- and device-centric platform for developing, deploying and managing connected devices for video and IoT.ADB describes ConnectedOS as the “backbone” of all of the ADB Connected Solutions that acts as a “transition layer” between a range of connected technologies, industry platforms and protocols – simplifying integration, speed to market and reducing the cost in delivering connected services to clients.ADB will exhibit at IBC on stand stand 4.B52last_img read more

California legislators advance bill to set strongest net neutrality protections in US

first_img California senators reach agreement on net neutrality bill California lawmakers advanced an ambitious proposal Thursday to prevent broadband providers from hindering or manipulating access to the internet, bringing the state closer to enacting the strongest net neutrality protections in the country. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Credit: CC0 Public Domain Explore further Citation: California legislators advance bill to set strongest net neutrality protections in U.S. (2018, August 31) retrieved 17 July 2019 from The legislation by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, would bring back Obama-era internet rules rolled back by federal regulators this year, the latest volley cast by state leaders already feuding with the Trump administration over immigration and climate protection policies.The proposal prevents internet service providers from blocking or slowing down websites and video streams or charging websites fees for faster speeds. But it also goes further than the old regulations and measures taken up by other states, placing new limits on certain data plans and tasking the state’s attorney general with investigating cases in which companies might be evading the rules.On the Assembly floor, Republicans argued that the state was going too far and would create a patchwork of state and federal laws that would be cumbersome on companies and hinder innovation.Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, a former broadcaster, argued that “light-touch regulation” had helped the internet flourish.”The overreach, the going too far here is going to be challenged for its unconstitutionality, and we are going to find ourselves in very uncertain territory,” he said.Accusing the bill’s proponents of being unable to explain net neutrality, Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, called the Democrats’ resistance to the Trump administration “embarrassing.””You are wading into an area that you have no business being in,” she said.But supporters argued that California needed to take a stand at a time when officials appointed by President Trump had rolled back consumer protections—and broadband providers were willing to profit at the expense of customers and public safety.”We are stepping up and filling the role that we need to fill because we cannot rely on this federal government to protect us when we need protection,” Assemblyman Ian Calderon, D-Whittier, said.Senate Bill 822 cleared the state Assembly with overwhelming support on a 59-18 vote, overcoming the first major hurdle after months of aggressive lobbying and online advocacy campaigns waged between internet advocates and the telecom industry that has drawn national attention. ©2018 Los Angeles Times Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. California is one of 29 states to consider net neutrality protections since the Federal Communications Commission voted late last year to reverse the Obama-era internet regulations, with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Republicans calling for an end to the utility-like oversight of internet service providers.The rules, enacted in February 2015 and ended in June, barred broadband and wireless companies such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon from selling faster delivery of some data, slowing speeds for certain content or favoring selected websites over others.Wiener’s Senate Bill 822 would, in effect, reestablish the same regulations. It also restricts some zero-rated data plans, or package deals that allow companies such as Verizon or Comcast to exempt some calls, texts or other content from counting against a customer’s data plan.An additional proposal, Senate Bill 460, by Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, would deny public contracts to companies that fail to follow the new state internet rules. It is also expected to be taken up by the Assembly this week.Clashes between net neutrality proponents and telecom industry lobbyists heated up again last week when Verizon was reported to have slowed the speed of the Santa Clara County Fire Department’s wireless data transmission, a revelation detailed in an addendum to a federal lawsuit filed by states including California to challenge the repeal of net neutrality rules.Net neutrality has also become a rallying issue for Democrats in House races across the country.Over the weekend, Wiener accused broadband companies of using robocalls to mislead seniors about the impact of his bill, and he posted a voicemail of one such alleged call on Twitter.Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles, who presented the bill Thursday, became the target of a different campaign in June, waged by net neutrality proponents condemning his Assembly committee’s attempt to throw out contents of Wiener’s bill. He faced a barrage of tweets and was captured in a viral video, as activists raised money through a crowdfunding website to place a billboard over the debacle in his district.”We all know why we are here,” said Santiago, who helped restore the bill and has since signed on as a co-author to both net neutrality proposals. “The Trump administration destroyed the internet as we know it.”last_img read more

China to impose sanctions on US firms that sell arms to Taiwan

first_imgBEIJING/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China said on Friday it would impose sanctions on U.S. firms involved in a deal to sell $2.2-billion worth of tanks, missiles and related equipment to Taiwan, saying it harmed China’s sovereignty and national security. On Monday, the Pentagon said the U.S. State Department had approved the sale of the weapons requested by Taiwan, including 108 General Dynamics Corp M1A2T Abrams tanks and 250 Stinger missiles, which are manufactured by Raytheon.Washington said the sales would not alter the basic military balance in the region, but Beijing, a major U.S. security rival with which Washington has been engaged in a year-long trade war, has demanded the deal be revoked. China’s latest statement came as Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen was in New York en route to visit four Caribbean allies, a trip that has also incensed China. AdChoices广告A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said the U.S. arms sale constituted a serious violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations.The spokesman, Geng Shuang, also called the sale a serious violation of the “one-China” principle, under which the United States officially recognises Beijing and not Taipei.”To safeguard our national interests, China will impose sanctions on the U.S. enterprises involved in the above-mentioned arms sales to Taiwan,” Geng said.The State Department declined to comment and the U.S. firms involved in the Taiwan arms deal did not immediately respond.It was unclear what, if any, impact the Chinese move might have, as U.S. defence contractors have been barred from dealings with Beijing since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.While its relations with Taiwan are technically unofficial, the United States is required by law to assist Taiwan in its defence and is its main supplier of arms.China deems Taiwan a wayward province and has never renounced the use of force to bring the island under its control.On a visit to Budapest on Friday, China’s top diplomat Wang Yi warned Washington it should “not play with fire” on the question of Taiwan.He said no foreign force could stop the reunification of China and no foreign force should try to intervene.”We urge the U.S. to fully recognise the gravity of the Taiwan question … (and) not to play with fire on the question of Taiwan,” Wang told a news conference via an interpreter.Tsai was last in the United States in March, but her transit stops this time will be unusually long and analysts said the extended stopovers, in which she will spend four nights on U.S. soil, emphasized the Trump administration’s support for her at a time when she has been under increasing pressure from Beijing.Speaking at Columbia University in New York on Friday, Tsai said it was important for the international community to support a free and democratic Taiwan, according to a transcript of her speech on the website of the presidential office. “The cultural and political differences across the Taiwan Strait only grow wider by the day; and each day that Taiwan chooses freedom of speech, human rights, the rule of law, is a day that we drift farther from the influences of authoritarianism,” she said, referring to China.The U.S. State Department has said there has been no change in the U.S. one-China policy and that it allowed such transit stops “out of consideration for the safety, comfort, convenience and dignity of the passenger.” (Reporting by Beijing bureau and David Brunnstrom and Mike Stone in Washington and Krisztina Than in Budapest; Editing by Susan Thomas and Clarence Fernandez) China 11 Jul 2019 China urges US to cancel US$3bil arms sale to Taiwan Related News World 09 Jul 2019 U.S. State Department approves possible $2.2 billion arms sale to Taiwan Related News World 09 Jul 2019 China calls on U.S. to withdraw arms sale to Taiwan {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more