Alaska Women Speak and growing with the times

first_imgIt started as a feminist magazine and in the last 24 years, Alaska Women Speak has grown with the times and the topics that are important to women.  Carmen Davis is one of the volunteers that has kept the publication thriving. She says at a recent retreat, supporters re-imagined its mission and changed the size but maintained its print persona.Listen Now Alaska Women Speak Fall 2016 CoverDAVIS: We believe it’s important because we work to reach all of Alaska and some of our readers don’t use the computer so they like to have a hard copy. A lot of women with the new – we’ve reformatted the journal so that it fits easily in a purse because that’s what one of our – part of our feedback was. A woman could take it, put it in her purse and jump on the plane and have some reading material.TOWNSEND: The theme for the fall issue that’s out now is landscapes. Tell us a little about that.DAVIS: So the themes are selected from our readers and this was one we got really hit hard with a lot of submissions. We were so excited because we feel – I guess Alaska plays a significant role in our lives here. Our sense of place and our context. And so we really received a great deal of submissions and this particular issue actually the cover features Elinda in front lions autumn in the valley. And Linda is of course an artist but she’s also, her degree is in biology. And so that’s connected with one of the book reviews. Sorry. I’m trying to make these connections. It’s interesting because one of the books that we’ve been asked to review is also in this publication, this issue which is Becoming Earth by Eva Saulitis who was also a biologist. So that kind of speaks a little bit to the landscapes theme.TOWNSEND: And tell us about what’s in each issue – it’s fiction, it’s poetry. What’s all within the covers?DAVIS: It’s a mix of poetry and prose. And then also images. And we’ve also added the book reviews as of the last couple issues and we’re actually contacted by redhead press to begin reviewing some of their publications. So, we’re really excited about that. And then looking into the future we will probably be adding interviews of women, Alaskan women. That’s one of the thing we’re looking forward to next, in 2017.TOWNSEND: And the winter edition, there’s a call for submissions for that going out now. Tell us about that.DAVIS: Yes, so the theme for our winter submissions is ice chipping and we’re open to prose, poetry, essays, nonfiction, and book reviews and those are due November 15th.TOWNSEND: Carmen, people don’t get paid for submissions but they do get the benefit of some experts editing and feedback. Tell us about that.DAVIS: Absolutely, so if you’re to submit a piece, our pose editor or poetry editor will give you feedback and they’ll point out some of the strengths in your writing as well as some suggestions for shaping it or modifying it, improving it. So it’s really an optimal opportunity for the writer who’s emerging and looking to develop their piece.last_img

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